Gliding through the night sky.

Just the two of us.

Gliding through the air, sky dark as a black blanket,

the weaving revealing holes of light in the dark blanket that

covered us both.

A massive hole in the great blanket in the sky eaten by giant

moths gave *him* light enough to show him the way.

He was to the raven haired woman an inhuman god, his

muscles flexed as his alert eyes scanning the night sky for

possible dangers that might threaten him and his mate.

His handsome face and long flowing brown hair moved

through the soft breeze as if it was not even there. His

muscular arms clutching her upper back and under her knees.

They arrived at there destination. Central park.

As he descended his lavender form was outlined along the

moon's gentile light.

He clutched her small form against his massive chest. She was

sure it was an unconscious act.

As he descended in a long spiral toward the thick mass of trees

and shrubs that seemingly awaited to swallow them into there

reach. To hide them in there thick masses of leaves, branches,

and vines.

The lavender gods wings spread as he maneuvered a graceful

landing. Setting his wings onto his shoulders to form a cloak

ofskin and bone. He gently set his precious cargo to the ground

and let her small feet find the grassy earth floor.

She turned to face the strong yet seemingly gentile eyes.

She felt as his large, taloned hands found her small but muscled


He felt her flex in pleasure as he gently pulled her into his

muscled chest. His arms enfolding her first and then his wings.

Cacooning her in his in his warmth. He felt her run her small,

but lovly hands along his powerful shoulder blandes and wrap

around his thick lavender neck.

As he reached in and kissed his lips brushing against hers under

the moonlight as

his talons

moved to her back pushing her closer, as she tugged at his neck

forcing him closer. Embracing as there souls flew and

became one under the moonlight.

Just the two of us.