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Castle Wyvern, 10 minutes before sunset.....

Goliath stood on the top battlement for the first time when the sun was still setting and was there to watch it, him, instead of his statue. Goliath looked down into the courtyard where the flowers were in full bloom, instead of being half closed by the time he woke up. He watched Elisa, his mate (more or less) running around and laughing as Liberty, Claire, Libby, and Merrilee tried to catch her. She was so BEAUTIFUL in the light of day. Her hair was so much blacker as the sun's light was absorbed into it, her skin which he had thought a yellowish-peach color was a dark tan. But her eyes, her eyes were the most beautiful of all, for they sparkled like two brown diamonds in the sun's rays. He sighed as he watched her run and jump over obstacles to get away from Brooklyn who had been watching and joined the game and was closing in on her fast.

"Hey Brook, this is supposed to be just the girls!" Elisa giggled as she jumped into a tree and used her wings to glide about 50 feet from her original spot.

Goliath smiled as he looked down at her and rested his elbow on a piece of stone and sunk his

chin into his hand for support. Then he realized that for the first time is his over 1000 year

existence.......he was happy. And if he had never meet Elisa it never would have been possible.

He was pulled out of his revere by Elisa's beautiful, almost musical voice.

"Isn't there SOMEONE here who is fast enough to catch me?" she yelled just as she dodged out

of Angela's way when she sensed the young female from higher in the air, who was now a pile on

the ground looking a little frustrated.

"Have you all given up so soon?" she asked them from the air. No one answered which made her

a little suspicious. But when she was forced to the ground by strong, thick arms she was a

little sore that she had been caught. She turned to look up at her capture, and very surprised at what she found, there was Goliath laying on top of her.

Goliath looked at her expression and laughed out loud to the sky, which surprised everyone since

they knew that Goliath almost NEVER laughed.

"Well I can never resist a challenge!" Goliath laughed. Elisa just raised an eyebrow.

"Well how bout the challenge of letting me up, you squishing me!"

"Oh, sorry." Goliath blushed. Elisa let one of her famous smirk/grins bubble to the top as she took his hand in hers.

"Come on Big Guy, lets go for a walk in the garden." she said looking into his eyes guiding him toward the deeper parts of the garden.

The others gathered in the main living room to watch a movie. Brooklyn and Claire instead went to the battlements to watch the sun sink below the horizon.

"Well there go Castle Wyvern's love birds." Brooklyn said to Claire who was standing beside


"It is true, even from only being here a few days I can see that there love knows no bounds." she

said looking down the two and smiling. Her eyes seemed to become distant and vague as if she

were thinking of someone or something.

"Uh, hello? Earth to Claire, come in Claire." Brooklyn said waving his hand in front of her face. Claire snapped out of it with a shake of her head.

"Oh I'm sorry Brooklyn, my mind wandered for a moment."

"Obviously." Brooklyn replied. Claire sighed and left Brooklyn's side and moved over the the edge of the battlements and looked out over the edge into the now dark sky. She sighed again.

"I do that a lot." she said as Brooklyn came to her side.

"I'm sorry, what were you thinking about?" he asked with great caring in his eyes. Claire saw

this and smiled. She looked down over the city again.

"I was thinking of a friend of mine who was smashed with the others. She was very dear to me

and..." she trailed off as a single tear trickled down her cheek.

"You miss her." he finished for her. She nodded her head and looked away.

"Very much." Brooklyn took her hands in his which and made her look at him. He stared at her for a moment before clearing his throat.

"Look I know that I'm not this friend of yours but I will try to be the best friend I can to you." she smiled as she flung her arms around his neck.

"Thank you, Brooklyn. You cannot know what that means to me!" she gave him a kiss on the

beak which startled him.

"You kissed me?!" he gaped. She jumped back as her already pink cheeks turned darker.

"I'm sorry, sometimes I get carried away when someone does something nice for me."

"No, no it's not that. But, you weren't afraid or anything?" he asked. She gave him a confused look.

"No, why should I be? I mean your as much of a gargoyle as I am." she pointed out. He looked

down and begin to shuffle the ground with his toe.

"Well, female gargoyles never wanted to kiss me because of my beak and all." he said looking

away. Her features softened and she walked over to him.

"That is so unfair, your own kind judging you because you are different. That is exactly the way

humans would react to someone who is different." she put her hand on his shoulder. He turned

around and looked into her eyes. He was amazed that someone like her would actually care about

his problems. He was even more amazed when she touched his cheek and said.

"But Goliath and Elisa don't have to be the only love birds around here.." she trailed off as she

placed her lips on Brooklyn's beak. Brooklyn looked at her in shock in the middle of the kiss, but then responded by using his arms and wings to pull her closer to him. After what seemed like

forever they pulled away from each other still locked in each others embrace.

"Wow!" Brooklyn said breathlessly.

"Precisely." Claire responded. They looked at each other again for a moment and laughed with

each other before they were pulled into another long kiss.


Main living room for the gargoyles.......

Goliath, Elisa, Broadway, Liberty, Lexington, Libby, Hudson, Mississippi, Lazz, Angela, Bronx,

and Merrilee were all sitting in front of the TV watching "Dragon Heart." (Ha, thought I was

going to say they were watching Beauty and the Beast, didn't ya?) Goliath and Elisa had just finished there walk and had joined the others for the movie.

"So the man who did the voice of the dragon was originally from Scotland?" Lexington asked turning to Elisa. Elisa nodded.

"Yes Elisa, what is his name again?" Goliath asked turning to Elisa who was tightly wrapped in his arms and wings.

"Shaun Connery." she reminded him.

"This could never really happen." Angela stated skeptically.

"Angela, I'm surprised! After all you have seen, I would think that you would think differently." Elisa said looking at Angela.

"Yeah, I guess your right." she sighed in defeat then turned back to the movie.

Ring! Ring! Everyone jumped at the ringing of the phone. They all made disgusted sounds

because there movie was disturbed. Goliath used one hand to reach for the phone while the other

stayed around Elisa.

"Hello?" Goliath said sounding a little annoyed himself. He listened for a few moments then

handed the phone to Elisa. "It's for you." he said.

"Hello?" she said into the phone. "Oh, hi Derek...." she listened to what he was saying.

"WHAT!!!" she yelled and quickly stood out of Goliath's arm. Now all eyes were on her. "Oh,

god! Yes, I'll be right over. Bye." she hastily hung up the phone and began to walk out of the

room. She would have left then if it were not for a large restraining hand on her shoulder. She turned to find Goliath looking at her with a concerned look on his face.

"Elisa, what happened?"

"Maggie is going to have her baby." she said. This caused a loud gasp to fill the room. "I have to be there, I have to go. But I'll be back as soon as I can." with that she turned to leave.

"Wait! Can't we go with you Elisa?" Angela asked hopfully. Elisa turned around with an apologetic look on her face.

"Sorry, but Talon and Maggie want this to be a family thing." with that she waved good bye and

exited the room onto the battlements. It was a quiet night, but there was just enough wind for a good take off. Within moments she was soaring in the air, quickly making her way to the Laberith.

She was almost there when she passed the spookiest looking old cathedral that she had ever seen

in her life. She looked at it for a moment then shuttered. She then looked at it again. What she saw made her stop flying and hover right where she was. She squinted and...yes, she saw

something move. This was worth investigating. Elisa silently made her way to the roof and

gently landed on an empty perch among some real stone gargoyles.

"You guys see anything?" she asked them. They remained just as they were. "Yeah, me to." she

laughed softly. Elisa jumped off the perch and made her way into the cathedral.

It was very quiet, and dark. She walked a few feet into the darkness before she saw something

move in the shadows. Almost as if it was a shadow itself.

"Who's there, who are you?" she asked into the darkness. There was a pause where there was

nothing. Then finally whatever it was spoke.

"I believe the question is who are YOU." the voice answered back. Elisa thought that the voice

sounded very familiar, but she just couldn't place it. She sighed.

"If I tell you will you come out?" she asked. There was another paused.

"Yes." the voice answered. "I need to know if you are a threat to me." it added in. She nodded.

"My name is Detective Elisa Maza of the NYPD, second class." she said. Mentally kicking herself

that she had givin to much info. She heard a gasp from the voice.

"Aren't you supposed to be a human." the voice asked a little startled. She sighed again.

"Well, I though I was. But then there were memories that were givin back to me. All in all I was born a gargoyle but had no idea until recently." the voice was deep, definatly a male. Then out of nowhere she saw a pair of glowing eyes. She gasped in suprise and tried to get out of the place. But there was little she could do when a dark figure jumped out and grabbed her around the waist from behind. Elisa smacked her head on the stone floor which caused her vision to blur and spin before she could get it under control. Elisa saw a tail and a wing from where is was and deducted that it was a male gargoyle. She heard the gargoyle laugh maniacly. 'That voice...so familiar.' she thought. She felt the arms turn her around. When she was fully turned to face the gargoyle that had attacked her. What she saw made her gasp in shock. There standing over her was the white haired, black skined, red eyed clone of Goliath.

"THAILOG!" Elisa gasped. He stared at her with a mild look of amusment on his face. He had her pinned on the ground and she had no way of getting up at this point. He just continued to glare at her, and she definatly did NOT like the look he was giving her. "What do YOU want dirt bag?!" she screamed as she struggled to get him off of her but he held her firm.

"You know Elisa, that really is no way to talk to someone who can kill you when ever they see it fitting." he said shaking his head slightly at her. He was still glaring at her intensly.

"What the fuck are you lookin at me like that for?" she retorted.

"Because I think that you are beautiful." he responded with a smug smile. With that he bend his head down towards Elisa's face, and before she knew what was going on she was lip locking with the dark gargoyle. Enraged at this she bit him. He pulled his head back as blood started oozing from his lower cheek where Elisa had used her fangs to draw the blood. He used his hand to smack her but she used her newly freed hand to grab his wrist before he had a chance to do it. Elisa used her strong gargoyle grip to tighten her hold on him. After awhile he started to scream and she could feel the bones start to give way. His eyes started to glow red and used the wrist that she was sweezing to fling her across the room. Loosing her grasp on his wrist she landed against the wall with a dull thud. Her vision again danced around in front of her. Elisa recovered just in time to see Thailog coming at her with force. But before he could get to her she manged to get to her feet and trip him with her tail. He landed face down on the floor with a sickening smack and groaned. She now had a chance to make a break for the window. She began to race across the stone floor on all fours making a desperate attempt to get to the open air, where she might have been able to out glide him. Had it not been for the hand that wrapped itself around her ankle. Elisa yellped and spralled out face down on the floor. Elisa yellped again when she was yanked up by the waist and pressed against the black gargoyles chest. Her arms where pinned to her sides by his strong, muscular ones. Elisa struggled, but to little avale. So as a last resort she started to scream, hoping, praying that one of the gargoyles were out tonight patroling the city, and would hear her and come and help. Thailog smiled evily.

"It is no use struggling, I have you. I don't know the full story behind you realizing that you were a gargoyle. But right now I really don't care." he said staring at her vain attemps at freedom. Elisa shuttered again when she saw that intense look Thailog was giving her. Thailog growled softly and slammed her down to the ground, Elisa then tried to use this advantage to get up but Thailog was to fast for her. In a moment he was on top of her, sitting on her waist so that escape was impossible. He growled softly again, Thailog reached his hands forward and touched her cheek, then he moved his hands lower to her chest. He groaned with plesure at the contact. Elisa groaned to, but not with plesure. Thailog continued his assult on her. Elisa shut her eyes tight, hoping to block it all out. Then suddenly he stopped. Elisa opened her eyes to find Thailog staring at her.

"You are coming with me." he said firmly.

"Over my dead body!" she shouted. He chuckled at this.

"Oh, no my dear I would never allow that." he said.

"Ok then how about mine?" another voice said from the door of the cathedral. Thailog turned his head toward the voice and was greeted with a fist in the face. The punch sent him flying across the room and up against a wall were he was out cold.

Elisa looked up from where she was to look at the face of her resuer. She was greeted by the gray face of her brother in his true gargoyle form.

"Wha-? Derek, what are you doing here? Isn't Maggie having her baby?" she asked confused and light headed from her attack.

"Well that's what we thought as well. But it turned out to be a false alarm. We were all a little confused from the beginning, being that Maggie wasn't due for another 3 or 4 weeks. But enough about that. We need to get you back to the castle." he came to her and picked her up without a protest from her.

Just as they were leaving Thailog groaned and woke up in time to see Elisa in the arms of some other gargoyle. Thailog knew for a fact that it was not Elisa's mate, he had half heard the conversation that had taken place between them. He watched them leave from his laying/sitting position on the floor. He didn't even have to follow them, he knew where they were going. Castle Wyvern.


Flying over the city........

Derek held his sister in his arms as they slowly approched Wyvern. He looked down and found Elisa looking back at him.

"Why are you in your gargoyle form?" she almost yelled over the wind.

"I have found that I have more physical strenght as a true gargoyle, not as Talon." Derek replied.

"Well how did you find me?" she asked.

"Well when we found out that Maggie wasn't going to have her baby I called you to try and tell you that it was a false alarm. But Goliath said that you had already left, so I decided to try and get to you before you had to go any further. I was looking for you when I heard you scream and when I came in to investigate...Voila, there you were." Elisa looked at her brother with a smile on her face, then it saddened and she started to cry.

"Elisa! What is the matter?! Your okay your safe!" Derek told his sister with great concern.

"I just can't believe, believe that Thailog DID that to me! It-it was hor-horrible!!!" she said between sobs.

"Look there is the castle!" Derek said. Elisa looked over to see Castle Wyvern suprisingly close.

Within minutes Derek had landed and was carrying Elisa into the gargoyles chamber.

"Derek I really don't need to be carried in, I'm fine really." Derek didn't listen to her as he continued walking into the castle. Elisa was ready to die, she would be carried in and look weak. The gargoyles would fuss over her, and Goliath would never trust her to go out alone again.


All eyes turned to Derek as he carried a sobbing Elisa into the room. She had started to weep again. She didn't want to, she had tried to fight it back like she had done many times before. But for some reason this time she couldn't. 'Oh, god she must look so pityful right now!' Goliath came rushing over to Elisa and took her from Derek. Goliath then took her over to the couch and gently set her down. He joined her at her side, taking her into his arms, then his wings. Wrapping her completely in his warmth, he stroked her hair and wispered calming words into her ear.

Just at that moment Brooklyn and Claire walked in together, giggling and laughing. But they stopped when they saw Elisa sobbing with Goliath doing his best to try and calm her. Brooklyn walked up beside Broadway.

"What happened?" he wispered into his rookery brothers ear. Broadway shrugged his shoulders.

"We know as much as you do." he answered.

Goliath had since then calmed Elisa and she stopped crying. As she siffled she looked into Goliath's eyes, then she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Oh GOD! It was horrible." she sobbeed. Goliath looked at Derek.

"What was horrible Elisa? Tell me." Goliath said looking at her shacking in his arms. Whatever it was must have been bad, Elisa almost never showed emotion like this. Goliath thought to himself. "Tell me what happened Elisa." Goliath said more firmly. Elisa who was still sniffling just shook her head. This was way to uncomfortable, she ran from Goliath and the others to her sleeping quarters. Goliath watched her go with a mixture of suprise and concern on his handsome face.

"I can tell you what happened Goliath." Derek said out of nowhere. Everyone turned and looked at him as he and Goliath went into another room. The others waited for them to come out.

About 10 minutes later they all jumped when Goliath roared in the next room.

"WHAT!!!!!" minutes later Goliath came barreling out of the room, his eyes glowing brighter than any of them had ever seen before.

"Goliath, what happe-" Brooklyn started to ask but was cut of when Goliath gave him a deadly look.

"ALL OF YOU STAY HERE!" he commanded. Then before anyone had the chance he stormed out the door and into the night. Derek took this moment to inform the others what had happened. When the explaining was over the others could understand why Goliath had been so upset. He was and always had been very protective of Elisa.

"Where is he going?" Lexington asked indicating to the door which Goliath had exited.

"Probably to look for Thailog." Brooklyn answered.

"Well lads there be not much we can do for now." Hudson told the others. Mississippi nodded her head in agreement.

"Yes, we all best wait here till Goliath be gettin' back from his search or Elisa be comin' out of her room." she sighed. "And ether way we will be a waitin for a while."


An hour later......

The others were sitting in there seats watching the TV. Derek walked back into the room.

"Well I just called Beth. Maybe she can get Elisa out." he mumbled half to himself.

"I thought we killed Thailog." Angela stated.

"You know bad guys. You can keep on killing them, but they just won't stay dead." Brooklyn said sound bored and annoyed at the same time.

"Well I for one want to do something! This Thailog guy can't do that to my leader and just get away with it!" Lazz said standing up suddenly. With that he marched toward the door, but before he could reach it he was stopped by a hand on his shoulder.

"You musnt go out there lad. Goliath already be out there, and think one mad male gargoyle on the lose is enought for one night." she said smiling just a little. Lazz then seemed to calm down. He walked back over to the sofa and sat next to Angela.

They all froze where they were when suddenly the door the Elisa's bed chamber opened and Elisa walked out. She looked at everyone and gave them a sad smile.

"Hello." Elisa said so low that it was almost a wisper. They all murmered there hello or waved weakly. Elisa looked around. "Where is Goliath?" she asked.

"He went out to look for..." Lexington started.

"Thailog?" Elisa finished.

"Yeah." Lexington said looking at the ground. Elisa's smile grew a bit.

"Look it's not that big of a deal Ok? It's notlike someone died, you can all act a bit more cheerful around me." she said putting her hands on her hips.

Just then the window that was in the room shattered on everyone.

"What the-" Brooklyn began before they all heard that familiar evil laugh.

"THAILOG!!!" everyone shouted at once. Thailog stepped in calmy and bowed before everyone.

"In the flesh." he said in a smart alec tone of voice. Lazz's eyes light up with a brilliant white light as he charged the black gargoyle. Thailog saw it coming and lowered his head and rammed his chest, flipping him over so that Lazz landed on his back groaning on the floor.

"Lazz!" Angela screamed at the top of her lungs. She too tried to attack him but she met the sam fate as Lazz.

"Now who's next?" Thailog challenged the others. Hudson was about to take his chances when Mississippi gave him a look that convinced him that it was a bad idea.

"What right do you have to break into my home?!" Elisa bravely stepped in front of Thailog. Thailog gave her a smug smile which Elisa didn't like one bit. He tried to grab her but she just jumped up high, really high. Thailog looked up and saw her with her arms around one of the rafters on the celling. Thailog smiled again.

"You know it takes more than few little tricks to outwit me!" he yelled up at her.

"Yeah well how about a whole clan of gargoyles who can do a few little tricks!" She yelled back at him. With having said that she motioned for the gargoyles to attack. They all came at Thailog all, yelling with there eyes glowing. Elisa jumped down from the celling, her eyes were the only ones who were not glowing.

"You have no business here in our home or with my leader!" he screamed as he jumped at the black gargoyle. Thailog thought quick and smaked Lazz to one side like he was a little nat.

"Don't do that to Lazz!" Angela came at him once again. Thailog again tried to smak her as he did Lazz but she thought fast and grabbed his hand before he had the chance to hit her. He looked at her suprised and just flung her across the room like a rag doll. Mississippi and Hudson where next in line as the two of them drew there swords and began to growl.

"Ahh. Two old ones to take care of. I'm going to guess that you new gargoyles are part of the clan Elisa leads." he said smuggly. In the meantime Elisa had made her way to the front of the pack and was about to confront Thailog head on. He looked at her a smiled evily. "You are the reason I came here in the first place." he said grabbing her so fast that she had no time to react.

"Put me down....NOW!" she yelled doing her best to get out of his grasp. But he refused no matter what cop trick or how many times she had scratched him. He was running from the other gargoyles and was putting distance between them at a great rate. Thailog by then made it out to the gardens and was about to launch himself into the night sky. Then Elisa got an idea. It was a desperate move but it was worth a try.

"Why are you doing this to me?! Can't you see that I don't love you. My heart has and always will belong to someone else!" Thailog stopped dead in his tracks and looked at her with a hurt expression on his black face.

"Whaa-" he said almost as if he were under a mind controling spell. She looked him and almost smiled.

"I said that I don't love you, I love Goliath." Elisa felt his grip on her waist loosen.

"Then, then I will kill him." Thailog said with great anger in his voice.

"No. NO! Don't do that! Thailog, killing Goliath will solve nothing. It will only make me dislike you more." Thailog looked at her as though he had been slapped across the face by a metal shovel.

"You-you hate me?" he asked sounding even more hurt. Elisa almost cried. The look on his face was so sad.

"No, Thailog I don't HATE you but I don't care for you much. I mean look at all you've done to my clan and I. You almost killed Goliath, me, Xanatos, and Sevarius, you made clones of all of us and tried to kill us using them, you made Delila a clone of me and someone else who I really do hate, you played Demona for a fool making her think that you loved her, no one deserves that, and you stole 20 million dollers from Xanatos.(I think that was how much Thailog got away with in his first apearence) You've done all that and you think that magiclly I would love you? I doesn't work that way Thailog." Thailog put her down and looked about as if in a trance. "I'm sorry Thailog I-" She was about to finish when from the door the others came rushing out and pounced on Thailog. What actually hurt Elisa was the fact that Thailog made no move to try to block them or get away. And he didn't even struggle when Lazz and Derek were holding him. "Please let him go! He won't do anything to you now." the others looked at her in shock.

"WHAT?!" they all said at once.

"What do you mean let him go Elisa?" Lexington asked her scratching his bald head.

"I mean realise him, trust me." Elisa repeted to the stunned group. Reluctanly Lazz and Derek did as they were told. They all looked at Thailog and backed up a few feet.

"Thank you Elisa. I m-must g-go now." he stuttered in what looked like him holding back tears. He ran away from the group, spread his wings and soared off into the night.

"Well, judging by the way he was acting, I don't think that he will be coming back anytime soon." Brooklyn said a loud. Suddenly there was a great roar and Thailog came flying back to the castle backwards and smashed into a wall, breaking the stone. As Elisa expected he made no move to get up. "Ok, I guess I was wrong." Brooklyn said. Then out of the night Goliath swooped down and landed right in front of Thailog. Goliath growled in pure anger and picked Thailog up by the lining of his armor.

"You have threatened my family and friends for the last time Thailog!" He threw his clone across the courtyard. Elisa watched in horror at what Goliath was doing. He was mad with rage. Not that Elisa couldn't understand, she would be too if she was in Goliath's situation right now. But all Thailog wanted was company and by force was the only way he knew how. She had to do something.

"Goliath stop!" she cried as she ran to him and grabbed a hold of his arm to try to keep him from hitting Thailog anymore.

"Let me handle this Elisa!" Goliath flung Elisa to safety. She landed hard on her butt. She scowled at him as she got up rubbing her rear. The others came to help.

"Elisa! What has gotten into you." Claire asked helping her leader up.

"Yeah, I thought Thailog is your enemy. And now your helping him?" Liberty said. Elisa looked at there faces looking back at her. She sighed.

"Look he was just doing this because he was lonely. He thought that I loved him." Elisa shook herself from Claire's arms and ran over to Goliath who was still beating on Thailog. Elisa grabbed his arm once more. "Goliath stop!" she comanded. he didn't even look at her and just shook her off again. He just wouldn't listen. She was getting mad at him. She marched up to Goliath and just as he was about to start throwing Thailog across the yard again Elisa got up behind Goliath and lashed out her tail at him. Goliath mad a deep suprised yelp as his massive form went down. He lost his grasp on Thailog and his beaten body landed a few feet away from Goliath. "There. Now please stop for a moment." Elisa said walking over to Goliath. Goliath turned and looked at her in a way that she sunk back. But only a little.

"What do you think your doing?" Goliath asked flatly. Elisa mustered up enough courage to speak.

"Goliath, I know what Thailog did was bad. But there was a reason for his actions. Just give me a moment and let me talk to him." Goliath was not about to listen. He turned from her and walked over to Thailog to continue. Elisa was mad now. She then did something completely suprising. Her eyes started to glow and dark black and she growled low in her throat. Goliath turned to see what was wrong and was greeted by a very angry mate. Goliath never saw Elisa like this before and was a little startled. Thiss gave Elisa enough time to jump over Goliath and get to Thailog. Elisa picked him up and jumped a few yards away from the others and placed him down. She looked back at a stuned clan, her eyes still glowing the deep black.

"Now Goliath. I am going to TALK to Thailog. I am going to bring him back over there. No fighting. Got it?" she said in a very comanding voice. Goliath and the others nodded weakly. "Good" she said. Elisa picked Thailog's body up again and brought him back over andlet him satnd on his own giving a glare in Goliath's direction. Thailog turned to Elisa a smilled despite his bumps and bruises.

"Thank you" he said slowly. Elisa just nodded.

"Now Thailog. What ever made you think that I loved you?" she asked looking at his beaten face. Thailog look at her and frowned.

"You were the only one who cared for me." he said casting a glance in Goliath's direction.

"That's not true. We all wanted you in the clan." Thailog shook his head.

"No Elisa, that's not true. I tried to fit in, I tried to earn Goliath's respect. But all he saw me as was an abomonation." he said harshly, his eyes glowing red. "Xanatos just wanted me around to do his dirty work, and Sevarius. Well he saw me as a big pay check in his pocket." Elisa understood a little of hat he was feeling.

"Thailog I- I'm sorry that I don't love you but you must understand that Goliath is my chosen love." she said walking over to Goliath, giving him a big hug. He smiled and looked at Thailog with new eyes.

"If you still wnt to join the clan you are more that welcome..." Goliath trailed off when the others came in with there agrements. But Thailog shook his head.

"No...I fear that I cannot join your clan, it would be to....aquward. I just want someone with me....to hold, to love" he looked at Elisa in Goliath's arms and smiled slightly. "I must go now that I see that there is nothing here for me." he then turned to leave. But just as he was about to another figure glided in from the night sky. All eyes including Thailog's were on the figure. When it landed everyone except Thailog recognised her right away.

"BETH!" they all cried at once.

"Hi guys I came as soon as I heard that Elisa needed some help because Derek....." She trailed off as soon as she saw Thailog standing there she stared at him with wide eyes. Thailog seemed to be in the same state. Elisa smiled and realized that Thailog wouldn't be worring about being alone anymore. She cleared her throat.

"Um, Beth I'd like you to meet Thailog. Thailog this is my sister Beth."

"A pleasure to meet you." Thailog bowed and kissed her hand. Beth giggled.

"Pleasures all mine." she said smiling from ear to ear. She turned to Elisa.

"Elisa? Do you mind if I go and talk with Thailog for a while?" Elisa nodded. Thailog and Beth took off in the night chattering about there likes and dislikes and having a great time.

"Well Big Guy. I don't think you have to be worrying much about Thailog anymore." Elisa said turning to her lavender guardian. Goliath just smiled and kissed Elisa.


Hours later......

The others had gathered on the castle towers to watch the sun rise, except for Elisa and Goliath.

"Where are they?" Liberty asked with concern.

"There most likly asleep from there busy night." Bradway answered. Hudson and Mississippi just smiled and looked at eath other secretly.

"Were you that jelous Goliath?" Elisa asked resting her head on his chest. Goliath chuckled.

"Now what would ever give you that idea?" his voice dripped with sarcasm. Elisa sighed dreamly.

"Oh just a guess." she trailed off. Goliath gasped as she began to kiss his chest.

"Elisa- are you sure." he asked looking at her face. She smiled.

"Yes, I am sure." she responded.

"That's all I wanted to know." he said smiling from ear to ear. And together they made themselves

mates in every way that was known. They bonded in the rising of the sun.

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