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Castle Wyvern one hour after sunset.........

"Well Elisa, I think an introduction is an order" Brooklyn said, looking straight at Claire with


"I lass what happened to ye, and who be these strange ones that ye returned with?" Hudson asked,

but even he was looking at the older female gargoyle with a wider good eye than usual.

Elisa who was in the arms of a more than over joyed Goliath, who looked a little in gaga land

himself just smiled at the trio stare at the three female gargoyles. That was the first time anyone

had seen the three ignore Angela. But Angela didn't seem to mind she was busy checking out

Lazz. Finally Elisa decided that it was about time to introduce.

"Ahem, well this is my.......my clan" at this announcement everyone had Elisa's undivided


"What do you mean Elisa? YOU are the leader of this clan?" Lexington asked with a puzzled

tone in his voice. Elisa seemed almost to hesitate a little before responding.

"Well yes, I am" she said with a little shakiness in her voice. The others just looked like they had

just gotten off a merry-go-round that had got out of control. Then Hudson turned to them.

"Well, what be yere names?" he asked.

"I am Lazz" said the male gargoyle stepping forward.

"I am Claire" said the pink gargess joining him.

"I am Liberty" said the blue gargess.

"I am Libby" said the small yellow female.

"And I be Mississippi" said the older clan elder gargess. The guard dog gargoyle whimpered.

Mississippi chuckled. "And this beautiful girl is Merrilee" she said patting the dogoyle on her

head. Elisa nodded.

"Yes, this my clan. I am there leader" she said leaving Goliath's arms and joining them.

"Well would you like to join us on a tour of our castle?" Angela asked. They all nodded there

heads in agreement and followed the Wyvern clan inside with Brooklyn next to Claire, Broadway

looking at Liberty, Angela casually walking next to Lazz, Lexington scampering up to walk with

Libby, Hudson and Mississippi casting quick glances at each other, and Goliath with his hand

around Elisa's waist. Even Bronx was walking next to Merrilee. And for the first time in a long

time the Wyvern clan were all happy.


Hours later after the tour in the library of Castle Wyvern...........

All the gargoyles were getting themselves settled in the libraries sofa's and chairs. Brooklyn was

the first to speak.

"So where have you guys been living?" Mississippi was the one to answer.

"We've been living in parallel universe to yours" this made the trio, Angela, Hudson, and Goliath

give them a look of pure shock. Mississippi saw this and explained. "That was the flash of blue

light you saw, Liberty show them" Liberty took out a small brass piece that looked surprisingly

like the Phoenix Gate. 'This be what brought us here and back to our castle. We live on the

planet earth, just a different dimension, ye see" she explained. Brooklyn then turned to Elisa and

asked the one question that was on everyone else's mind at that moment.

"So how is it that you are a gargoyle?" he looked straight at her face.

"Oh well , I knew that this was coming" Elisa said with a shrug. "Ok here it goes..... I not born

human like everyone thinks, I was in fact born gargoyle like all of you" this won a look of total

bewilderment from the gargoyles except Elisa's clan. Then all of a sudden there was a dim gray

light that encircled Elisa so all you could see was her profile. When it cleared she was again her

human self. The Wyvern clan looked at her with there mouths dropped half way down to there


"How...how did you do that?" Lexington asked in amazement. Elisa just looked at herself.

"Well you see were I was born humans have ALWAYS hated us and sought our destruction, so

we learned to camouflage ourselves with our own inner holograms to make ourselves LOOK like

humans so we could blend in and have a better chance of surviving. And now thanks to these

necklaces we have the power to stay flesh during the daytime too." she said putting her hand

around the black crystal attached to the gold chain.

"Yes but why didn't ye tell us sooner lass?" Hudson questioned a little puzzled.

"Yeah, didn't you trust us Elisa?" Broadway added. Elisa looked at them with the same beautiful

chocolate brown eyes that she had before.

"Of course I trust you, and you can believe that I would have told you had I known..." she trailed


"Wait, what do you mean 'had you known' what is that supposed to mean?" Goliath asked Elisa

with his arm around her back and his hand holding on to her upper arm. Elisa looked up at him

with eyes that seemed to burn his soul and tell him everything without saying a word.

"I didn't know till now, when I was only about ten we lived far away from where I was taken just

a few nights ago, I was the chosen leader of the clan since my parents had no other children of

there own and......"

"Gargoyles don't have just two parents, they have the whole clan as there care providers" Goliath

said with an annoyed look on his face. Which caused Elisa to hit him in the leg and give him a

look that made him quiet. Then Mississippi spoke up.

"Well I can be tellin that you be from Scotland as well as me, yes?" she questioned and looked at

Hudson. Hudson blushed slightly before speaking.

"I, we be from Scotland" he said.

"That's what I thought" she reponed. "Well that be how YOU do the child raisin there, but here in

North America gargoyles take ownership of there wee ones" she explained. The gargoyles just

nodded there heads in understanding. Elisa then cleared her throat and continued.

"Well like I was saying, I was the only child of the clan leader and was to take control when my

father died. But there was another gargoyle who was out to get my father and I. My clan feared

for my safety so they went to our clan elder, the one before Mississippi who happened to know

magic. They placed a permanent hologram around my body so that I would look, act, talk and do

basically everything that a human would do. They even cleared my mind through some magic

spell which made me forget my past as a gargoyle and made me think that I was a human. My so

called parents Peter and Diane Maza, which are there real names are also under a hologram and

are part of my clan are in fact my grandparents! They raised me and pretended that I was there

child in this world and that and only that allowed me to grow up so that I would become the leader

of my clan. That's why they came and took me. They gave me my true memories beck and

allowed be to keep the old ones." she stopped ad took a deep breath as a tear flowed down her

cheek. Goliath saw this and gave her a reassuring hug to let her know that it was all right. She

looked up at him and smiled.

"So what happened to the other gargoyles?" Angela asked Elisa. The first reaction were Elisa's

clan members looking down or around the room a and noticeably becoming very uncomfortable.

"Was it something that I said?" Angela asked Elisa. Elisa chuckled a little and shook her head.

"No Angela you did nothing wrong. But soon after I left the rouge gargoyle came back and

gathered some of my own clan and told them that if they helped him destroy my father he would

give them a charm that would keep them awake in the day. And they helped him, they destroyed

all of them except for them" she pointed to the others. They just looked like they were all about to

burst into tears.

"But why?!" Lexington asked.

"We have no idea why they spared us" Libby answered looking down. Goliath on he other hand

looked like he was about to explode with anger.


glowing white. Elisa calmed him with a hand on his shoulder, with that he sat.

"Dose anyone know where exactly this gargoyle is right now?" he asked in a more calm tone. The

others just shook there heads.

"He destroyed the gargoyles who agreed to help him when they were sleeping, that's how we got

the necklaces we found them around the neck of the dead gargoyles. We kept them to defend

ourselves in the day as well as the night." Lazz explained. No one talked for awhile after that,

they were all letting this information run through there minds. It was Claire that was the first to


"It's only a half hour to sunrise" she said pointing off toward the sky were a light pink hue was

able to be seen. Goliath asked for him and Elisa to be excused. Together they walked out on the

sleeping place of Goliath two watch the sun begin to rise.

Goliath took her into his arms then folded his massive wings around her, she sighed and leaned up

against him. In this place she was truly content, this was were she wanted to be the most in all of

the world. And now thanks to her recent discovery they could be together without worrying about

the species barrier, and she could still live her life like she normally did. But Goliath would never

be there with her in the day to watch the sunrise with her.....well not if she could help it. As she

was deep within her thoughts Goliath was having thoughts of his own. This was wonderful he

could now be with Elisa without worry about her humanity. Then his mind wandered to other

thoughts, thoughts about a more "physical" relationship with Elisa, now that there was no danger

to her he felt a little more sure about the idea. He was interrupted when Elisa kissed him on the

cheek, she was surprised when he took her face in his large hands and kissed her deeply on the

lips. They looked at each other for a long time, communicating with there eyes. Goliath was the

first to break the silence.

"Elisa remember I love you no matter what your form" he said caressing her cheek. She put her

hand on top of his.

"I know, I know" she turned and looked at the horizon. "It is almost dawn, better get to your


"What about you?" Goliath asked looking at her. She smiled.

"I don't turn to stone in the daytime, remember?" she said clutching the crystal around her neck.

"Oh yes, of course." he rumbled as her kissed her on the forehead and jumped onto his post and

picked a fierce pose for the sun as it hardened his body and changed him into stone. Elisa stood

and watched the sun rise into the morning sky. Then she walked into the library to her clan mates.

They looked at her, she knew they wanted something. Liberty was the one to speak.

"Uh.....Elisa?.....we sort of wanted to, uh........leave our castle and live here." she said. Elisa just


"Of course we will" this brought on much rejoicing from the others. Elisa silenced them with her

hand. They silenced. "You will get some sleep and meet the others when they awaken, but I am

going back to the castle. Liberty did you say that there were more of the crystals?" she nodded her


"Yes we do but why would you want to......" she trailed off when she realized what she was

getting at. The others seemed to understand as well and they all found a comfortable place around

the library and curled up for the day.

Elisa and Liberty were already air born and on there way through the blue mists, off to find the

other black crystals.

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