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Elisa and Goliath working on there relationship the night after the kiss on "Hunters' Moon," so

don't be surprised if your not surprised that it's the same been there done that. Warning:

Extremely mushy stuff lies within. Hey! I was in a mushy mood when I wrote it!

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Castle Wyvern.........

There she was right there in his arms, she jumped up and placed a quick kiss on his unsuspecting

lips. But before she had a chance to pull away he grabbed her around the waist and returned the

kiss, this time deeply and MUCH more passionately. When she looked up from her second lip

lock from the lavender giant she smiled with great affection. As did he when she allowed him to

wrap his wings around her and hold her close to his heart. After what seemed an eternity he felt

her stare and looked at her as he stroked her raven hair with his talon. Nothing seemed to matter,

just that she was there loving him, as he was her. She reached up and began to run her delicate

hands through his long brown, almost black hair. He shuttered as she did this, only she could

arouse the sensations he was feeling now. There eyes met again as she looked up to him.

"I love you Goliath, now and forever." They leaded in for another kiss, but for some reason

Goliath's lips never touched Elisa's that time. Instead he was in a place with no light or objects.

It was just black space, he was all alone.

Goliath roared as he broke out of his stone sleep. He quickly looked about for Elisa, he was

disappointed in not finding her anywhere he recalled the last and only thing that had stayed in his

mind the whole night. Elisa's kiss. Oh, he knew what kisses were and even though it wasn't a

gargoyle custom to kiss it certainly didn't affect how he felt when she had given it to him.

Wonderful. He quickly uncapped his wings and flew off into the night ignoring the questioning

glances he was getting from his clan mates. He didn't care, he only had one thing in his mind

right now. Elisa.


Elisa's apartment.........

Elisa was just out of the bathroom. It was her day off.

She had just gotten out of the shower and was eating her dinner/breakfast, she was like Goliath

thinking of the kiss last night. She had no idea how he felt about her, but she had a good idea of

how she felt about him. She smiled as she put her dishes in the sink and walked into her room to

change her clothes.

She decided that she would try a change in "scenery." Instead of her usual attire she put on

brown shorts and her usual black shirt.

Authors note: I have no idea of what the season was in Hunters' Moon so I'm just going to guess

and say it was summer.

And since the weather was warm she slipped on a pair of black sandals (something I don't think

she's worn yet) After neatly tucking in her shirt she ran a comb through her hair till it almost

sparkled in the moon light that was pouring in through her window. She also decided that she

simply because of the lack of things to do would put on some makeup that ended up making her

Cover girl worthy. She came out of her room and noticed that it was dark, her thoughts were

once again on Goliath and last night. She was interrupted when she heard that familiar dull thud

on her balcony, she knew immediately who it was. Goliath.

She walked over to the glass doors and opened them simultaneously to find Goliath looking out

over the city with both hands planted firmly on the rails that were there to block people from

falling, of course that wasn't a problem with a winged guardian angel around.

"What's up Big Guy?" she asked him with a great affection in her eyes as she stared at her

lavender giant.

Goliath was a little startled by Elisa's entrance he jerked around nervously to meet her face. That

face he would never forget even if he tried.

"Elisa, hello....I....I was just lo-looking out on the city........It is a wonderful view don't you

think?" She noticed he was stuttering which was very unlike him. She offered him to

her apartment which he accepted and joined her on the couch. It was then that he noticed in

better light her face, it looked different not bad, but different. In fact Elisa looked down right

gorgeous! Now that he looked at her.

"Elisa!" he breathed as her beauty suddenly hit him full force. "You look....different tonight" he

said trailing off. Elisa suddenly realized what he was looking at and blushed.

"Oh, that. Well I was bored and decided to put a little make-up on." she explained to the big

gargoyle. There glances met and they looked into each others eyes, almost as if having a

conversation without words. Elisa broke the trance that they seemed to be in when she cleared

her throat, they quickly diverted there eyes elsewhere.

"So...did you want something to eat?" Elisa asked trying to make conversation.

"Uh no thank you I, I'm not very hungry just now." he said his eyes focusing on the floor where

his toes were digging into the carpet. If the tension in the room had been any thicker Elisa would

have been able to it cut it with a knife. She HAD to do something, cause Goliath sure wasn't.

Ok that's it.'

"Goliath we need to talk about the other night" she stated firmly with a determination in her

voice. Goliath stared at her and wondered. What would he tell her. How about he truth?' said

a small voice in his head. That you care for her.' should he go with that voice or lie to her and

tell her there was nothing. What should he do? Elisa once told him to do what his heart said to

do. (Well, she did in an upcoming fanfic) So he decided to do just that.

"Yes Elisa we probably should talk, come." he said motioning to the window. She followed him,

he scooped her up in his arms and jumped out into the night air. Goliath's 18 foot wings caught

an updraft and they climbed into the night.

"Now we can talk without being disturbed" Goliath said looking at her with a glimmer in his eyes

that she never saw before.(And now for those so original' words that nobody has ever heard

before) "Goliath, did I, did I go to far, I need you to tell me cause I'm not sure myself." Goliath

looked as though he had been kicked in the head by Demona, full force.

"No Elisa of course not, you did nothing wrong!" he exclaimed with a hurt tone in his voice. She

smiled and laughed, throwing her head back into the cool night sky. His face also threatened a

smile. Elisa looked down and realized that Goliath had carried them away from the city and that

they were now flying over the ocean away from the towers and buildings. It is time' Elisa

thought to herself. Time to come out and say it.'

"Goliath, I...I love you" she said looking directly into his dark eyes. Goliath did a double take,

but only for a split second. She had said it, what he had been meaning to tell her all night. He

bent his head don closer to hers until they were only inches apart. He stared straight into her eyes

and found love in them, love that she claimed was for him. Finally he broke into a great, big grin.

"Elisa you cannot know how much that means! For I know now that I love you as well." Elisa

looked like she was a bout to cry.

"Goliath do you mean it?! Really?" all Goliath did was nod his head as he stared at his Elisa. She

smiled bright enough to light the sky that he was gliding in. She snuggled into Goliath's mighty

arms as he glided through the cool night back to Elisa's apartment.


Elisa's apartment......

Goliath landed with pin point accuracy on Elisa's balcony. He set her down, but turned her

around and looked straight into her eyes. She's SO beautiful' Goliath thought to himself. She

looked deeply into his eyes and little did Goliath know that she was thinking the same thing.

"I really DO love you Big Guy" she stated as he gathered her into his arms and wrapped his great

wings around her like a great, purple cocoon.

"I know, as I you" he breathed dreamily. He began to stroke her hair with his talons. She

wrapped her small, delicate hands around his waist and held tight. After those moments of

eternity he lifted her head with his sharp fingers and looked deeply into her eyes. He gently

lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. But much longer and MUCH more deeply than last

time she had planted a quick one on his at Castle Wyvern. He never imagined that he would enjoy

a human custom this much. But it was a pleasant experience for him. He looked up into her eyes

again after breaking the kiss with such affection that Elisa almost blushed. He them backed away

a little.

"I think that I with take up that offer for a dinner with your company my lady." he stated bowing

low. Elisa smiled.

"Of course my lord." she said taking his arm and walking in her apartment with him.

That night was the happiest night that Goliath had since the fall of Wyvern.

No they didn't do IT but that was on Goliath's mind the whole night. But

he then realized that the species difference, it would jut make it to hard.

But we all know that, that problem will be solved in time VERY soon,


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