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Whack! Beep, beep!

"Ha, ha, ha! I got a cows eye!" Libby shouted triumphantly. Lexington, Brooklyn, and Broadway

just looked at her.

"You mean BULLS eye" Brooklyn said. The yellow gargess looked at him for a minute.

"Yeah, that's...that's what I meant, well, well I hit the center didn't I?!" she said a little

embarrassed. Brooklyn just rolled his eyes. Lexington was getting anxious.

"Hey, leave her alone. She doesn't play this very much" he yelled at Brooklyn.

"Before today she hasn't played it AT ALL!!" he retaliated. There eyes started to glow white and

began to take swings at each other. They were about to jump at each other when Brooklyn was

stopped by a great bright lime green form and was restrained by it's arms despite his struggles.

Lexington was about to make his attack when a light orange form picked him clean off the ground

and held him there. When the two had calmed down the green and orange gargoyles put them

down. The lime green gargoyle, Lazz and the elder orange gargess, Mississippi were giving the

two younger gargoyles a talking to about brotherhood.

From the couch the young pink gargess, Claire sat petting her dog' Merrilee who was on her

left, her right hand was occupied and was softly petting Bronx who was fast asleep. On the easy

chair next to the couch sat Hudson who was also watching to two new comers talk to Brooklyn

and Lexington. Within minutes the two were shacking hands and laughing at how silly they had

been acting.

After the dart game Lexington was about to go on his computer when Libby stopped him.

"Thanks for standing up for me back there, Lexington. I really appreciated it." Lexington just


"Hey, it's nothing. And...call me Lex." she smiled brightly.

"Thank you, Lex. Wow! Is that a ViewSonic 6? Do you have Internet access? How much

space does the hard drive contain? Do you have Windows 95 or 98 on it?"

"You know about computers?" Lex asked astonished.

"Yeah of course, I LIVE for them." that got the two started off. They went over and were there

for hours.

Brooklyn had gotten into a conversation with Claire about music. Apparently they both loved

Matchbox 20's Real World.' They were engrossed in there conversation and oblivious to

everyone but each other.

Mississippi and Hudson had settled in and were watching the latest 20/20 with Bronx and

Merrilee curled up next to one another at there side.

Angela walked into the room from the battlements of the castle and looked at everyone enjoying

themselves. With that thought in mind she began to search around for a certain lime green

gargoyle. She found him in the kitchen enjoying a sandwich with Broadway.

"Uh Lazz? Would you mind going out on patrol with me tonight?" she asked him when he turned

to face her.

"Sure I will Angela. Um, Broadway would you mind wrapping this up for me till I get back?"

"Sure no problem, I'll stick it in the fridge, top shelf. Ok?"

"Yeah, that will be fine. Thanks a bunch!" with that he and Angela walked out of the building

arm in arm and out to there patrol.

Broadway watched to two exit the kitchen. He suddenly became jealous but stopped when he

thought of Liberty and when about wrapping the sandwich Lazz had been eating.


Hours later........

Goliath walked into the room in a huff. It was painfully obvious that he was REALLY mad. The

others all looked at the clan leader with a little fear in there eyes, especially his clan. They knew

when he was angry that it was best to just keep out of his way.

"Have Elisa and Liberty come back yet!" he said in a normal way but 10 times louder so that the

others covered there ears.

"Not yet lad." Hudson said looking away from the t.v. this only added fuel to the fire that was

building inside Goliath. Mississippi saw this and tried to consol him.

"I have trained Elisa AND Liberty well lad, she will return to ye." in a calm tone. Goliath opened

his mouth to say something when there was a thud on the roof that caught everyone's attention.

They all raced to the courtyard were the sound had emanated from. Goliath, Hudson, Mississippi,

Brooklyn, Lexington, Claire, Broadway, Libby, Bronx and Merrilee reached the yard just in time

to see Lazz and Angela followed by Liberty and Elisa making there way into the castle. The

group all began running toward the 4 and caught there attention. Goliath was the first to get

there of course immediately scooping Elisa into his arms and giving her a long, drawn out, kiss.

When they parted he smiled and looked at Elisa and found her smiling right back at him.

"And to what do I owe this greeting?" she said as she smiled secretly.

"Just happy to see the love of my life." he replied. That earned him another kiss. After he set

Elisa down they found the others in a group talking all at once.

"Where were you and Liberty, Elisa?" Broadway asked turning away from the group.

"We went back to the castle to get a few things. We have decided to move here with you, if that

is alright." Elisa asked looking at Goliath. His features turned stony and his smile faded into a


"Elisa I'm disappointed. You don't need to ask to live here. You are one of the clan, you are

always welcome my love." he looked up from him and to her clan. "You are all welcome!" he

announced. This brought on cheering and shouting of joy from Elisa's clan.

"This is great! We don't have to worry about the humans in our dimension now!" Libby

exclaimed to her fellow clan mates. They were all talking at once in there excitement. Elisa still

wrapped in Goliath's arms was just enjoying the view. She suddenly realized that for the first

time in a long time she was happy. She found the love of her life, and by a great surprise also

found that they could be together and she could still live her former life. She was accepted by

Goliath's clan as one of there own. PLUS on top of all of that she had found her long lost

brothers and sisters that she never knew that she had.....she suddenly let out a small gasp that no

one ever even heard. In her worried thoughts she had begun to squeeze Goliath's chest were her

hand rested.

Goliath felt it and looked down at his love to see her face filled with worry and in turn he became

worried as well.

"My love what is the matter?" he asked cupping her cheek in his hand. The others had heard this

and stopped there talking to hear. All eyes were now on Elisa. She smiled and turned to walk

over to Liberty. She reached behind the blue-sliver female to reveal a small gray briefcase like


"What's in it?" Broadway asked Elisa pointing a talonid finger indicating to the case. Elisa's clan

all smiled but said nothing.

"You'll see soon enough" she said simply, leaving it at that for the others to just wonder. "But

first a phone call." she said walking into the gargoyles main living quarters strait to the phone.

She dialed a number and waited. After a short time it was apparent that someone had answered

the phone.

"Hello? Hi, it's me.......yeah I just found out...when?.....two days ago. Yeah, bring them

over.......now....Ok...yeah. Bye." she hung up the phone and sighed deeply as she turned to face

the others and smiled. "Well, THAT'S done." she said slightly exasperated.

"When are they expected?" Liberty asked.

"Soon. Very soon." Elisa replied as she turned to the small yellow gargess "Libby better get it

set up." Libby nodded and walked over to the case, grabbed it, and scampered away. Lexington

tried to follow her, but Elisa stopped him with a hand.

"It would be faster if she did this by herself." she said in such a way that left no room for

argument. In all this no one had a chance to speak up. Finally the first was able to. That first

was Goliath.

"Elisa, what is going on?" he asked a bit confused.

"I TOLD you. Wait and see." she said smiling.


An hour later.......

All the gargoyles accept Libby who was still off somewhere with the mystery package were

gathered in the main quarters telling and trading tales of there lives. Goliath and his clan told of

the destruction of the clan, there arrival in Manhattan, the hardship they faced, and just brought

them up to date on things. While Elisa's clan told them of there own who had betrayed them and

how they got to were they had been living before they came to castle Wyvern.

There discussion was interrupted when Libby came back into the room.

"Everything is set up. And there here." Elisa looked a little startled.

"Well, bring them in" she motioned. Libby nodded and disappeared for a minute, but reappeared

with Elisa's parents,' Beth, Talon, and his girlfriend Maggie. Talon, Maggie, and Beth

looked a little confused.

"What's going on, what's this all about Elis..." Beth stopped when she saw Elisa. Talon looked

equally worried.

"What HAPPENED to you Elisa?!" Talon asked as e walked up to his sister. Elisa smiled.

"Well brother dear. We have something you need to see." she looked around him to her mother'

and father.' "Care to enlighten them you two?" she asked Diane and Peter Maza. They nodded.

There was a bright gray light, the two lite up till all that was able to be seen were there profile.

Eventually the light died and what was to be seen was astonishing.

Peter and Diane Maza had taken on a startling transformation. Diane was a few shades lighter

than Brooklyn. She had the same wings and body as Elisa had with one difference. On her tail

was a single spike. Her face looked the same, she held her dignified and aged look, she was a rare

gargoyle that didn't have spiky or large head plates.

Peter Maza was a dusty light green his hair had grown longer and was a light gray. He was about

the size of Lazz, much considerably thinner and had fewer muscles. He also like his wife had no

bony head plates. And he had a long tail like Kie's (the first Japanese gargoyle seen in the

episode "Bushido")

Everyone gasped, accept for Elisa, Claire, Lazz, Liberty, Libby, and Mississippi. Mississippi was

the first to speak.

"Welcome old friends!" she exclaimed as she walked over to the two and gave each a friendly


"Old is right!" Diane laughed as she hugged her orange friend.

"Would anyone like to tell us what is going on?!!" Talon exclaimed in frustration.

"Yes, I believe that we deserve one." Beth said stepping next to her brother. Elisa, Diane, and

Peter looked at her and smiled.(lots of that going on huh?)

"Yes I do believe you deserve an explanation." Elisa said walking up to her mutate brother.

"Come, follow me, all of you." so they all followed Elisa with the Maza's, Libby in front. They

turned in and out passage ways till they reached there destination, the library. The group was led

from there by Libby to a remote corner of the large room.

There in the corner was a table with a box that looked to only be made up of blinking lights.

"That's what was in the briefcase?!" Lexington asked surprised. Libby nodded.

"I've never seen anything quite like it." Angela exclaimed and she walked over to it. "Excuse me

but, what are these?" she asked lifting up a two cords that were attached to what seemed to be a

gray Band-Aid on one end, while the other end was attached to the machine it's self.

"Just give me a moment and I'll show you." she replied. " But first I need Beth and Derek to sit

in these chairs." she said indicating to the two chairs that were placed out for them. They both

looked at there parents' and Elisa.

"Why, what are you going to do?" Beth asked suspiciously. Libby looked at her hard.

The silence was broken by a very loud beeping sound that the machine was making. Libby

scampered over to a keyboard that was also attached to the box' while the others covered there


Right after Libby got the machine to shut up Xanatos, Fox, and Owen in the form of Puck came

running into the room with loaded guns in David, and Fox's hands looking ready for a fight.

"What happened? Was there a break in?" David asked the gargoyles, not even noticing Elisa, the

new gargoyles, or Peter and Diane.

"No everything's fine." Elisa told the three.

"WHAT!!! we heard the alarms go off and we-" she stopped short at the sight of the detective,

looked her over and then turned to Puck. "Puck! What have you done to Elisa?! Change her

back right now!" she yelled at him.

"But I didn't DO it! To find the answer to her transformation you'll have to ask her." he said

pointing a finger at Elisa. David was standing watching, and now had the time to recognize

Elisa's mother and father, and the new gargoyles.

"Might you want to explain this to us detective?" he asked.

"I will.....later. Right now.." she walked over to Talon and Beth. "You two sit, an everything

you want to know will become clear." she pushed the two down into the seats. "Libby, go

ahead." Libby nodded and walked over to the keyboard and typed something. She then got up,

grabbed the two Band-Aids with the cords that attached them to the machine and stuck them on

Talon and Beth's head. They looked worried, as well as Maggie. She walked up behind Elisa and

tapped her shoulder.

"What are you doing to them?" she asked.

"Were restoring memory that was taken from them long ago." she replied.

"But they won't be hurt, will they?" Maggie asked. Elisa smiled at the protectiveness Maggie

expressed toward Talon.

"No of course not, I would never willingly hurt them." Elisa told the gold cat-like creature.

"Kay, here goes." Libby said as she pushed one finale button. There was a wrrrr sound and he

lights on the box began to flash rapidly. The cords that were attached to Talon and Beth's head

began to glow blue, then strip on there heads glowed blue as well. Talon and Beth got blank

looks on there faces as the machine continued to work. After mere minutes there features

returned to normal as there bodies began to glow a bright blue so that no one could see them.

When the light dimmed, almost everyone was in shock.(again)

Talon and Beth had changed into gargoyles a well. Talon was no longer the black fur, cat-like

creature that he once was. Instead he was a gray color, he had wings that resembled Goliath's

they were black on the outside and a shade of darker gray on the inside. His hair was short like it

was when he was a human, and he also had no bony brow ridge. He looked at everyone and then

at his hands then at everyone again.

"I like this form but it really doesn't suit me." with that he began to glow gray so only his profile

was able to be seen. When the light dimmed he was again his normal' self with black fur and cat

like features.

Beth looked exactly the same except for the traditional gargoyle features: tail, wings, talons, and

unlike the family she had a small brow ridge similar to that of Angela's. She looked like a Beth

version of Elisa, her wings were soft, black on the outside and a dark tan on the inside, her hair

was black and short like normal. She too looked a little shocked at first then she remembered all

the memories that had been returned to her by the machine.

"Well sis, I think that everything is back in place and properly memorized. I remember

everything. But I'm going to have a hard time remembering that you are my step sister now."

Elisa laughed softly.

"I know, but just for reference I will always think of you as my sister." she turned to Talon. "And

you as my brother."

"Wait what do you mean step brother and step sister? I thought you guys were all brother and

sister." Lexington asked.

"Our mother was the same, but those two had a different father than I did." everyone stared in

confusion at Elisa. Elisa smiled. "I think we have some catching up and explaining to do." Elisa

said looking around at everyone.

They all went down to the gargoyles main living quarters as Elisa, Beth, Talon, there

grandparents, and Elisa's clan filled everyone in on what had happened till all were caught up and

understood. By the time that they were finished it was only a half hour till dawn.....


A half hour until dawn......

"Well I must say that story was.....interesting." Xanatos said rubbing his beard. Beth looked out

the window at the sky that was turning a light pink.

"Well, lets see if I remember how to do this." she said with an amused look on her face as her

body once again glowed gray. Once it was all over she was her human self again.

"Good idea sweetie." Diane said as her and her husband glowed and turned into humans again.

Talon looked at them with a very slight look of jealousy in his eyes. Brooklyn caught it.

"Why don't you change back to your human self Talon?" Brooklyn asked. Talon sighed.

"Because I can't." he hung his head.

"Why not?" Angela asked.

"Talon can't change because as all of you know he was mutated into Talon. Therefore his human

form IS Talon. But now that he remembers he has to wear one of these." she reached into a

pouch that was attached to her belt and pulled out two black crystals that looked exactly like the

ones her and her entire clan wore. She handed them to Talon and Beth, which they both put on

right away.

Goliath then turned in his seat from were he was sitting to face Mr. and Mrs. Maza.

"Does Elisa have a necklace for you two as well?" he asked.

"No, we have our own." Peter replied. They both pulled out black crystal necklaces that were

hidden under there shirts.

"Well lads and lassies I believe that we should be gettin' to our perches." he said raising his body.

Elisa looked at all of them get up to leave the room.

"What! Before you go I do have a present for each of you." they stopped and looked at her.

"What could that be Elisa?" Brooklyn asked already half knowing the answer. She just smiled

smugly as she reached into her pouch and pulled out 7 black crystals tied to thick gold chains.

Brooklyn, Broadway, Lexington, Angela, Hudson, and Goliath's eyes widened till the others

thought that they would pop out of there heads.

"You, you me-mean those are......for us?" Lexington stuttered. Elisa smiled genuinely.

"Of course they are, did you think that I would leave you out of this? I'm shocked." she

pretended to act hurt. Elisa handed out the necklaces to the 7 gargoyles, who all hugged Elisa for

the wonderful present that was given to them. Goliath on the other hand thanked her a little more


After getting away from he others, the two made there way to the battlement were Goliath would

be preparing to go into stone hibernation at the moment. But thanks to Elisa's present, he was

instead hugging his love Elisa Maza with his arms and wings, waiting to see the sun rise.

Something that Goliath had not seen yet in his long, long life. But he could find no one better to

share it with, save Elisa. He tightened his wing and arm hold on her to bring her closer to his

chest. She sighed in his arms and turned around to look at his handsome face, which she touched

gently with her soft talonid hand. He pushed the cheek she was cupping against the palm of her

hand and rubbed it like a cat would run against a persons legs.

"I love you so much Elisa." he said looking straight into her beautiful brown eyes. She smiled

brightly revealing her sharp teeth.

"As I you, Goliath." they leaned in for a long breath taking kiss. Just as they parted they

Broadway on the lower battlements yell.

"Here comes the sun!!!!!" he yelled with joy. The two love birds looked up in time to see the

great ball of fire in the sky that was called the sun rose. Elisa heard a small gasp escape Goliath's


"It's the second most beautiful thing I've ever seen!" he exclaimed with great delight. Elisa raised

an eyebrow.

"And what would be the first?" she asked. Goliath looked at the gargess in his arms and grinned.

"Why,you of course." he said still smiling brightly.

"Oh, Goliath." she started to say something but her lips were covered before she could say

anything by Goliath's lips. After the two came out of there kiss they settled themselves on the

former sleeping place of Goliath to watch the sun rise. Together, the way it would always be.

And now for a song that I think screams this is about Goliath and Elisa's love.' It's called

Because you Loved Me" By. Celine Dion

For all those times you stood by me

For all the truth that you made see

for all the joy you brought to my life

For all the wrong that you made right

For every dream you made come true

For all the love I found in you

I'll be forever thankful baby

You're the one who held me up

Never let me fall

You're the one who saw me through

through it all

You were my strength when I was weak

You were my voice when I couldn't speak

You were my eyes when I couldn't see

You saw the best there was in me

Lifted me up when I couldn't reach

You gave me faith coz' you believed

I'm everything I am

Because you loved me

You gave me wings and made me fly

You touched my hand I could touch

the sky

I lost my faith you gave it back to me

You said no star was out of reach

You stood by me and I stood tall

I had you r love I had it all

I'm grateful for each day you gave me

Maybe I don't know that much

But I know this much is true

I was blessed because I was loved

by you

You were my strength when I was weak

You were my voice when I couldn't speak

You were my eyes when I couldn't see

You saw the best there was in me

Lifting me up when I couldn't reach

You gave me faith coz' you believed

I'm everything I am

Because you loved me

You were always there for me

The tender wind that carried me

A light the dark shining your love

into my life

You've been my inspiration

Through the lies you were the truth

My world is a better place because

of you

You were my strength when I was weak

You were my voice when I couldn't speak

you were my eyes when I couldn't see

You saw the best there was in me

Lifting me up when I couldn't reach

You gave me faith because you believed

I'm everything I am

Because you loved me

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