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Castle Wyvern 1 o'clock a.m.......

Brooklyn looked around the parapets for his clan leader Goliath. He had not seen him a whole lot

in the past few hours since the kidnaping of the clans friend and Goliath's mate Elisa Maza that

had taken place only a few hours ago. Goliath didn't take it to well and even after the time that

had passed by he refused to give in to the fact that she was gone. He had become unusually quiet

and withdrawn from the other gargoyles. He spent most of his time out looking for Elisa that

night, with little chance of finding her, and he knew that. He just refused to accept the fact that

she was gone.

Brooklyn's thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice and a large hand on his shoulder.

"He looks very bad, does he not lad?" Hudson his clan elder asked Brooklyn with great concern in

his eyes.

Brooklyn looked up at his leader again on his sleeping place looking out over the city with a look

of such sadness that Brooklyn actually hurt looking at such misery.

"He's really got to snap out of it, we haven't been on a patrol all night. And besides, he has got

little chance of finding her if he won't let us help look for her." Brooklyn sighed in his frustration

and anger that his leader was shutting him and the rest of the clan out on such an important


"I think he feels that he be the only one who holds this pain. And his shutting us out be do to that

pain that one feels when they have lost a loved one, and don't be forgetten' that he felt this pain


Brooklyn looked down at the ground remembering Demona, his eyes glowed for a moment at the

thought of her. "Yeah, well he is forgetting that we all care about Elisa too."

"I lad, we all care much for the lass. But let him alone for awhile, he will come around sooner or

later." with that Hudson walked away from Brooklyn.

"Yeah, hopefully it will be more sooner than later." he muttered as he followed Hudson into the


Little did Brooklyn or Hudson know that Goliath had heard the whole conversation that had taken

place between them. And he agreed with Brooklyn, he was right he should let the others help him

search. But this was his mate. And he wanted to be the one to find Elisa. Ever since she had

been stolen from him by those other gargoyles, he had never seen them before. But he didn't care.

All he wanted to do was kill them and tear them limb from limb for kidnaping his Elisa. Even if

there were only few gargoyles left. But the there was this hole in his heart, even bigger than the

one Demon. left when she betrayed him and the clan. This time it was different. Elisa was truly

the one he was meant to spend the rest of his life with. He had to save her, but not alone, no not

anymore. With that he turned and walked toward the library. Toward his clan.....


In a castle far away (or maybe closer than we think)......

"Why the hell are you keeping me here?!" Elisa demanded. She had been chained to the wall and

was in a room of stone. The only light was a faint green glow coming down from the ceiling, it's

source unknown. Elisa struggled with her chains but she soon found that it was no use, the chains

were just to thick for her to get apart. The last thing she had remembered since the black out was

hearing Goliath calling her name as she was being flown into that portal by the strange gargoyles

that had taken her. She had then woken up in this room in the chains and had been there ever

since. She had been there for a few hours at least, awake and alert but she was hungry, she hadn't

eaten in hours! Wow, she really was hungry!'

"I hope I can get some food and fast" she murmured to herself.

Just as she was thinking this the small stone door opened and in walked a female gargoyle. She

reminded Elisa of Demona some what. She was blue in color but a little bit more grayish than

Demona. She had a heavier brow line than Angela or Demona and had white hair like Brooklyn's

with midnight black streaks. Her wings were like Brooklyn's also but the hand on top with the

three fingers were a bit different. Instead of three fingered hands she had a three fingered hand

with the middle finger being longer than the other two. Her outer wing color was a dark navy blue

and her inner wing color was a light purplish-blue. She wore a simple white pull over dress that

ended just about the middle of her upper thighs, it was short sleeved and the neck line, sleeves,

and hem were rimmed with a yellow material. She had little to little jewelry on, only a simple

gold band around her head and a bracelet on her right arm with a gold arm band complimenting

her upper left arm. She had a face that said much, she had the features of a child, but with a

mature, sophisticated look. She was well built and looked very strong. The only thing that made

Elisa worry were the weapons she wore. She had a sword that looked something like what a

samurai would have fastened around her waist, there was also a small dagger that was tied to her

left ankle by a thick, black leather band.

Elisa flinched slightly at her appearance upon entering the room. The gargess sighed as if agitated

by the response she got from entering.

"I won't harm you, I swear" she said eyeing Elisa.

"Oh yeah, then why did you kidnap me and bring me here against my will?" Elisa responded

harshly she paused for a moment taking a good look at the gargoyle in front of her and decided

that it was a better idea not to anger her. "Well what did you want" Elisa asked the gargoyle more


"Came here to bring you dinner" She lifted up a piece of cloth that was covering a bundle that she

had been carrying when she walked in. It was food, not very great looking food but food none the


Elisa gave a funny look at it for a minute before reluctantly accepting it. The gargess saw her look

of confusion and decided to explain to her what it was.

"It's a chicken leg with cheese, bread and some wine. It's not to appetizing but it will fill you up

pretty good." she said and smiled reveling her white, glistening fangs. But right then she knew

that she had made a mistake for she saw Elisa cringe a little with a nervous smile on her face.

"Sorry" she said with an apologetic look on her lovely features. "I'm really not used to being

around humans, we don't tend to go near them very much" she explained.

"Yeah, well that's alright it's just that I am a little nervous, I mean even though you seem very

nice that doesn't change the fact that I was kidnaped to be brought here" Elisa then paused for a

moment. "Exactly why am I here anyway?" she questioned the young gargess.

"Uh, well you'll be told soon when the others get back. But for now I am supposed to keep you

company" she said as she slowly unchained Elisa to make sure she wouldn't run away. She


"Ok, well my name is Elisa. So uh, do you uh have a name?" she stammered.

"Yes I do, I am called Liberty" replied Liberty.

"That's an interesting name, how did you get it?" Elisa asked with a sudden interest.

"Well I got it from my battling. They say that I fight so fiercely that I should stand as an example

for all Americans. So they called me Liberty as a nickname originally, but as time went on the

name just stuck. So I decided to make it my name. It was also in honor for my wounds in


"Wait, what wounds?" Elisa asked puzzled. Liberty looked at her for a moment before stretching

out her left wing to it's full length. At the sight of it Elisa gasped.

"Oh my god!" she couldn't believe what she saw. Right in the center of her left wing was a tear

that went a fourth of the way up it.

"Oh how terrible!" Elisa exclaimed with great concern.

"Yeah, it hurt pretty bad, to bad for a days sleep to heal. But I can still fly." she added in.

"How did it happen?" she asked.

"Well, I was flying and was shot down by humans guns. Then I was captured by the humans, and

being to weak to fight from the fall I let them take me. They tortured me for weeks before I was

rescued, but not before they tore my wing." she concluded with her eyes glowing lightly a scarlet


"Who was it that rescued you?"

"Well, uh...." Liberty suddenly seemed uncomfortable with the question.

"What's wrong?" Elisa asked. Liberty looked straight at her brown eyes. Elisa's brown eyes just

looked back into her gray ones. "Please tell me what's wrong." she pleaded.

"Well......." Liberty began but was interrupted by a knock on the door. The door then opened and

four other gargoyles and a gargoyle watchdog walked into the room and stood before Elisa and


"Elisa Maza?" said one.

"Yeah?" she said sarcastically. All of a sudden they all got down on there knee's and looked as if

they were about to cry. Elisa looked at them a little startled.

"Out leader" they all said.

"We have found you at last!" said the only male gargoyle in the group.

"What?! Hold it, hold it. Now what do you mean your leader,' what are you talking about?!" she

asked them with a questioning look on her face.


Castle Wyvern two days after Elisa's kidnaping..........

The gargoyles were sitting in there library in silence. They had searched for Elisa for two days

now trying to find any sign of her. With no luck. Broadway and Angela were trying to get on

with there reading lessons but kept on drifting on the fact that there dearest human friend Elisa

Maza was gone. Hudson was watching a special on TV with Bronx laying at his side with his

head between his paws, whimpering.

Brooklyn was listening to the radio station Kiss, but he to heard little of the actual music. His

thoughts were on Elisa. Were was she? Was she hurt? Or worse was she still alive? They were

all beginning to think that they would never see her again. After all there was no ransom note or

anything that might give them a clue that whoever took her wanted to give her back at all. But

Lexington however had not given up just yet. He was typing away at his computer trying to see if

he could find any info on where she might be. But after 3 hours of typing he eventually gave up

for the night. But even though they all were sad, they were also worried about Goliath. He had

barley said two words to anyone in the past two days. He ether spent his time searching for Elisa

or standing up on his battlement were he and Elisa loved to spend there time with each other. He

was not about to give up hope yet but he was defiantly discouraged and saddened by not having

Elisa around to be with him.

He sighed deeply filling his lungs with the cool morning air. He stepped atop his sleeping place

and looked down to see the others slowly getting to there's. He today picked his thinker's pose

and looked up to see the sun rising over the city as he was turned to stone. But if anyone had been

up there and took a closer look at the statue that was Goliath, they would have seen a single tear

trickle down his cheek and on to the stone were it quickly evaporated and was absorbed by the


If he only did he know that tonight he would get a visit that would change him forever......


Back at the other castle...........

Six figures met on the top of the castle ready to greet a new day side by side. It had always been

that way. It always would be. Three young adolescent female gargoyles, one adolescent male

gargoyle, a female clan elder, and a female watchdog gargoyle.

The trio of females consisted of Liberty and two others a small yellow gargoyle with a wing

structure similar to that of Lexington's she wore the traditional loincloth with a halter shirt. She

wore her hair in a high ponytail that let her soft, wavy, brown locks fall half way down her back,

she also wore a bow around her torso and attached to her waists was a belt with a holder at her

side that carried arrows she used in battle.

The other was a larger female, one that was pink in color. She also had a traditional loincloth and

halter top outfit but in a very pale shade of pink. She had waists length blond, crimped hair that

seemed to sparkle in the light. Around her forehead was a gold piece similar to that of the one

Demona wore. She also, like Liberty had a sword attached to her waist. She had a gold arm band

and a small gold anklet on her left ankle.

They stood as they watched the sun rise into the now daytime sky. They were soon joined by a

large male gargoyle.

He was very large, almost the size of Goliath (just for a reference) and looked very similar to him

as well. Except for the fact that his ears were more like Broadway's. He was a very bright lime

green in color and he also wore his wool loincloth. Around his right arm was a leather strap with

a gold ball at each end, and around his upper torso he had a thick black leather strap wrapped

around him. His hair was of the purest blond and was short and slicked back on his head by

moose, and his wings were also like Goliath's except for the fact that instead of having just one

finger he had only two fingers on the top of his wings.

Behind him two figures followed him out onto the battlements.

One was a female gargoyle. She was older than the others, the clan elder. She wore an outfit

similar to Liberty's. A small dress that reached just above her spiked knees, all brown in color.

She had a gold arm band on her right arm and a small dagger bound up by a strap of leather on

her left. On her right leg she wore a small gold anklet. She had long, fluffy, white hair that

extended half way down her thighs, it was pulled loosely back by a brown band of leather. (Lots

of leather huh?) Beside her was a gargoyle watchdog.

The gargoyle dog, all white with golden eyes, she had a beak, and also like the male gargoyle had

ears like Broadway, with the body of Bronx, but a slightly longer tail. And she had large, white,

feathery wings that were attached to her sides.

"How is she doing Claire?" the male asked the pink female.

"Oh, I don't know Lazz, think that she is doing Ok......all considering" Claire responded to Lazz.

"I just talked with her before you guys came in and explained everything else, she seemed like she

was comfortable with at least me after a while" Liberty said trying to get into the conversation.

"What happened when you restored her memory Libby?" the elder asked the small gargoyle.

"Oh, you know. She was a little nervous at first but she adjusted. But then she started going on

about how her dreams would probably go away now......any body got a clue as to what she was

talking about?" asked the small gargoyle. They all just looked at each other in confusion and

shook there heads. After that they were all silent for a moment and then Claire spoke.....

"Well, I guess we should go or else we won't get there right after the sun rises." Lazz nodded his

head in agreement.

"Ok let's get our leader......" with that they all looked up t the lone gargess on top of the castle.

She was the most beautiful gargoyle that anybody had ever seen.

She had soft, tan skin, a beautiful face with sharp features, and rather light brow ridge. One of the

most noticeable was her soft chocolate eyes and lovely red lips. Her body was slim and muscular

and wore a long, black skirt with slits running up ether side of her legs to her upper thigh, a black

halter top, a gold anklet on her right ankle, a gold necklace and a pair of gold earrings. She had

large wings that were the same style as Demona's, small hands on top, her outer wing was black

while the inner part was a dark brown. And like all the others she had strapped around her other

ankle was a small dagger that was tied on by a small band of leather. Like all the others she wore

a necklace with a small, black crystal around her neck which she clutched with her talonid fist.

She cast her eyes downward from were they had been rested on the suns rising, she saw there

awaiting, expecting looks on there faces and knew that it was time to go. She nodded to the others

and to herself. With that she flexed her wings and took off into the sky. The others took off after

her and caught up. Liberty then pulled out the metal medallion that Elisa thought was the Phoenix

Gate at first and recited the spell to open the portal.

"Inac unvesta de mora sublimia hopesta!" she shouted the now familiar words as the great blue

light appeared in the sky and the seven gargoyles flew through it. There mission, peace. There

destination, Castle Wyvern.


Castle Wyvern moments before sunset.........

There was an unusual calm in the air, the air of expectance. And Owen Brunette felt it, he had

known what was going on from the beginning and knew what was going on before Elisa's

kidnaping.' He patiently awaited for the large, lavender gargoyle that was called Goliath to

awaken from his sleep. He was going to tell the gargoyle tonight what was going on.....well that

is as much as he could tell. He would tell Goliath about Elisa's dreams. That would probably

make him mad but he wouldn't do anything about it. At least to him. His thoughts were

disturbed by the sound of cracking stone and Goliath's mighty roar welcoming the night to the

city. With that Goliath turned to find Owen waiting for him.

"Elisa?" he said with hope in his deep voice.

"No" Owen answered back. With that one word Goliath's face dropped and seemed to darken


"Oh, well then what do you want?" Goliath asked in a rather gruff tone trying to hide his grief and

disappointment. Owen looked at his pain and saw how much was hurting and actually sort of felt

sorry for him.

"I have come to talk of Elisa and her complaints' that she came to me with the morning before

she was taken. Goliath just looked at him with annoyance and minor confusion.

"What complaints?" came Brooklyn's voice from behind them. The two looked around and saw

the others coming in for a landing with Hudson carrying Bronx.

"Yeah, what did Elisa come to you for?" Lexington chimed in. Owen waited for them all to land

and get settled before he began.

"Elisa came to me the morning before her capture with a problem that she wanted me to help her

with. She claimed to have been experiencing some bad dreams' and had requested that I listen to

her dreams and give my opinion on them."

"And what did you think of them?" Lexington asked.

"Well I have the ability to see' the dreams of people who become troubled in them. When I saw

Miss. Maza's dream I knew what it meant right away. It also explains the reason for those other

gargoyles who took her" he stated calmly. The other gargoyles looked up at there leader, and for

the first time since they had met him excluding the time when he saw Elisa fall off the dam during

Hunters' Moon, blew his top. Goliath grabbed Owen, yanked him into the air and pulled him so

close to his face that Owen's hair moved when Goliath breathed. Goliath yelled right in Owen's




screamed, his eyes glowing a fierce white light. The very site of there leader in this condition

made the others back up a little, except for Hudson. He walked up to Goliath and put a hand on

his shoulder too try to calm him.

"Lad I we all know how much this hurts ye, but ye must remember that Oberon's Children be not

allowed to interfere with the lives of mortals" Hudson stated in a calm soothing way so to make

Goliath put Owen down. He did.

"Thank you very much sir it is true Goliath we are NOT allowed to interfere with the lives of

mortals, it was against the rules to have helped Miss. Maza to warn her in advance. And besides

you know I am only able to use my powers to help or protect young Alexander" Owen answered

brushing himself off and straightening his glasses. Hudson growled and his eyes glowed dimly.

"Grrrrrr.....the fact that I be defending ye does not mean I am on yer side elf." he growled.

Angela had stood by and watched all this and wondered one thing, one thing still bugged her. So

she stepped forward and asked her question.

"What does the dream that Elisa had mean anyway?" she asked with calmness in her voice. The

others looked at her stunned that she could sound so calm at a time like this. Then all of a sudden

the logical Lex chimed in.

"Yeah Owen what did the dream mean, and for that matter what was the dream about?" so Owen

told all of the gargoyles right there and then what the dream was about. But Owen did hesitate a

little when he got to the part about the mysterious male gargoyle that told Elisa that she was his.

With that Goliath did look a little mad, but got over it in realizing that it was just a dream. Or

was it? Owen finished to a group of puzzled gargoyles.

"What could it mean?" asked Brooklyn showing his puzzlement. His answer was a bunch of

silent looks of confusion. Then Broadway turned to Owen.

"Well, tell us Owen what did the dream mean?" Owen was just about to answer when there was a

brilliant blue light followed by what sounded like battle cries from gargoyles that they had never

seen before. They glided over to the castle and started circling it.

"Oh man, those are the same ones as last night!" Brooklyn shouted. With that comment Goliath's

eyes became a bright white. He stretched his wings and shot into the air to face them.

In the air the gargoyles saw Goliath's advance and were about to send him back to the ground

when the beautiful tan gargess came out of no were.

"Don't hurt him, that's Goliath!!" she shouted. The others nodded and flew to one side except the

tan one, as Goliath sped past them in his desperation for revenge smacked right into her. He

grabbed her around the waist and dived with her in his grasp down to the ground. As they landed

and he threw her to the ground and pinned her there, the others who had watched the whole thing

and found it rather strange. Why hadn't she pulled away with the others? She had enough time.

Why wasn't she struggling now? It was almost as if she had wanted to be caught. But these

questions sure weren't registering in Goliath's head at this moment.

"WERE IS ELISA?!!!" Goliath demanded. The female didn't answer, instead she turned and

watched as the other gargoyles landed near her and waited. The trio, Angela, Hudson, and Bronx

growled at the new comers.

It was basically a stare off, the strange one's wouldn't do anything because Goliath had there

leader and Goliath's clan wouldn't do anything because none of them were sure that they had

meant to attack. Then all of a sudden the tan gargoyle that was pinned under Goliath did

something really unexpected. She picked her head up and kissed Goliath square on the lips.

Goliath acted a little stunned and looked at her.

"Why Goliath, I thought that you would have remembered me" Goliath slowly let her up so she

could stand. He just stared at her, something looked familiar but it just wouldn't click.

"Really don't know who you are, I just want the human that your friends here took" the gargess

looked at him and smiled.

"And she stands right here before you in her true form, Goliath it's me!"

Goliath's mouth flew wide open. He remembered, Titania's mirror and the

spell that was cast on.....

"Elisa?!!" he asked in a rather shaky voice, not being able to believe what

he was seeing. The female smiled and walked up to him and put her arms

around his thick neck.

"I thought that you would never figure it out" she said as he ran a talonid

hand through he black hair.

"Is it really you?" he asked her, tears forming in the corners of his eyes. All

Elisa did in return was nod her head, but that was answer enough for

Goliath. He bent his head down and kissed her. In front of everyone. But

he didn't care, there were also a lot of questions on his mind. But that

would be dealt with in time, all he cared about now was hat he had his

Elisa back, in is arms......

........to be continued

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