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The room just outside of Owen Brunette's office...............

Elisa hesitated at the door ever so slightly. She was rather mad at herself

that she had asked this "man" for his help, his trust. Even after everything

he had done. But she was also relived that she was getting help from him.

And that he was about the only one she knew that might have information

or possibly even an answer to these problems lately. Yes she had them yet

again. The day before she had seen it' again and it was starting to scare

her with it's consistent appearance in her mind. In both consciousness and

unconsciousness. Slowly she turned the nob, opened the door and walked


Owen was sitting in his chair hovering over some papers. He was startled

ever so slightly by her sudden appearance.

"Good morning Miss. Maza. I take it you are here for the appointment you

scheduled for?"

"Yeah, look let's just get this over with OK?" she stated rather frustrated.

"As you wish Detective. Where shall we begin?"

"Well I guess from the beginning will be best." she replied staring at him.

"Sounds fine with me, tell me what you have been seeing.....slowly,


Elisa eyed him at that last comment with suspicion, but chose to ignore it.

She sat down in the chair that was offered to her facing Owen's desk. She


"It was very dark, night. I was hovering in the air. But the weird thing

was that Goliath wasn't there. No one was. It was almost as if...as if... I

was flying. By myself." she stopped to make sure he was paying attention.

He was. She continued. "Well I was just hovering there and then I heard

something coming. Figures appeared almost out of nowhere in the light of

the moon and were cutting down the space between them and me in half."

"Them?" Owen questioned.

"Yes, there were defiantly more than one of them."

"And could you tell what they were?" Owen asked.

"Well from what I could tell they were....gargoyles." she stated uncertainly.

"I see.....go on." Owen prompted.

Elisa continued. "OK as I said they were getting closer and closer and they

were calling something to me. It almost sounded as if they were warning

me of something. And just when they were about to reach me, and all of a

sudden a giant wall rises out of the ground and blocks me off from the

gargoyles.' I can hear there cries from the other side of the wall. And

when I try to find a way around the wall, the wall grabs me! It's only then

do I realize that the wall isn't a wall. I look up to see that it's a

giant......this one is defiantly a gargoyle. But not one that I've ever seen

before. The gargoyle brings me up to it and then brings the other hand

around and reveals the other gargoyles in the other hand."

"How interesting.." Owen said with obvious growing interest.

"Yes." Elisa said. She was getting into the story. "Well then the giant

gargoyle lifted me up close to it's face. But the strangest part of the thing is

that I have a great hatred of the giant one, but a ping of fear. I believe for

the other gargoyles. As I think this it brings me to its face and speaks.

And with those words I know at that moment that it' is a he." she stopped

and looked directly at Owen for something. He was not sure what, but she

was looking for something.

He cleared his throat. "Yes, but what did he say?"

"Oh, yeah. It all gets a little blurry from there. But he said "You are

mine." she concluded with "And that's when I wake up." she again looked

at Owen with that look as if to say what the hell is going on with me?'

Owen thought for a moment and then smiled to himself on the inside. But

on the outside he decided to play dumb....for now. "This is a most

complicated dream detective (he lied) but I with think about it and see what

I can come up with. For now you should get some rest. May I recommend

a room in the gargoyles wing of the castle?"

Elisa was to busy storytelling that she hadn't realized just how tired she

was. She was indeed to tired to drive all the way back home. So she

decided to cave and just sleep there...at least she wouldn't be late for when

the gargoyles awoke. She walked into her first choice, after finding it Ok to

sleep in she barely managed to get her clothes off and her "night" gown on

before getting into bed and immediately floating off into her deepest sleep

ever....with of course her latest dream joining her in her



She was gently awakened by Owen who announced that it was almost

sunset. She quickly glanced out of the window, at seeing the sun about

fifteen minutes away from setting she got up with a jolt and ran into the

bathroom to take a very fast shower and get dressed. She made it out with

just enough time to spare. To race up to the parapets that the gargoyles

were resting upon soon to wake up. She was just racing across the garden

area when she heard a cry. Not a cry of pain or sadness, but a battle cry. It

was then that she saw 5 figures flying toward her...FLYING!!!??? she

blinked, yes there was no mistaking the flying figures coming toward her at

a very fast rate. Her first thought was the gargoyles but one look in the

direction of the sun it showing it's rays immediately eliminated that idea.

Then she thought of Demona but realized it not being sunset she was still a

human. She was dragged out of her thoughts when the gargoyles reached

her. They wasted no time. The largest gargoyle who looked just a hair

shorter that Goliath grabbed her. She began to scream and struggle, but

was no match for the gargoyle's awesome strength. It took her a moment

to realize that she had been suddenly dropped to the ground hard when she

heard a laser fire. The large gargoyle that had been holding her roared in

pain as the laser grazed his upper right arm. Elisa looked about trying to

find out where the shot had come from. She rested her eyes on a one David

Xanatos. He walked over to her, she aw that he was wearing his exoframe

that gave him the appearance of a robotic, red Goliath. He knelt down to

her with a look of concern on his face, which was very unnatural for him.

"Are you alright?" he asked helping her up. He never even got a chance to

respond before another gargoyle came up behind him, defiantly a female

and sounded her battle cry as she charged Xanatos. He was about to fire

when a sixth figure rose up and knocked him down. He collapsed with a

dull thud as his body slumped forward and fell to the ground. She tried to

go and help him but was grabbed by two female gargoyles before she could

do so. She was lifted into the air by her arms and was dangling off in the

air. She screamed and kicked but stopped when she saw how high up she

was. She stopped her struggling but not her screaming. She screamed for

all she was worth.

One of the gargoyles that were flying behind the other two swooped up to

her, flying over her head.

"Quiet now lass, we've no intentions to harm ye." she spoke with a thick

Scottish accents, much like Hudson's. She was very afraid and confused at

this point and just kept on screaming. She looked to the gargoyle on her

left loosen it's grip on her arm and pull out of it's pouch on it's belt a small

piece of finely carved metal. For a moment Elisa thought that it was the

Phoenix Gate but as she spoke the incantation was different.

"Inac unvesta de mora sublimia hopesta!" she shouted. At this a great blue

light shot out of the Phoenix look-a-like and formed a swirling blue cloud.

Elisa wasn't sure but she had the general idea of what they were about to

do. The thought made her yell all the louder as they began there upward

journey into the light. Elisa had given up all hope until she heard that

familiar sound of stone breaking and chipping away.

Goliath had just woken an was expecting a nice, quiet, romantic night with

Elisa on her night off. But his thoughts were interrupted and his heart sank

when he saw the strange gargoyles carrying away the form of Elisa Maza.

He sounded the most fierce battle cry that anyone had ever heard from him


The others heard this and looked up at the saddened gargoyle voicing his

cry. Then there attention was turned to the sky as Elisa was flown right by

them and carried up into the sky.

Elisa heard Goliath's roar and was almost SURE that she was saved. But

these gargoyles were fast and agile. Elisa wondered if Goliath would be

able to catch them.

Goliath stretched his wings and flew hard, swiftly getting less and less

distance between him and them. But only then did he realized that he was

too late! Elisa was already being sucked into the blue light.

GOLIATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elisa managed to screamed at the top of her

lungs before she disappeared into the light and was gone with the other


Goliath let a great heave escape his mouth.

EEEEEEEELISAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! he roared with pain, sadness,

confusion, and broken love in his voice. He began to plummet down to the

castle ground in the garden were the other gargoyles waited after recovering

from the shock.

Goliath landed near them, at the side of Xanatos. He picked him up with

great force which knocked him back into consciousness.

"Were is she, what happened?" he demanded. A groan was all he got as an

answer. He set Xanatos back on the ground. And walked over to his clan

mates with an expression of such helplessness ans misery that the others

were taken by uprise as tears openly flowed unchecked from his cheeks.

"Lad, we are all here for ye' " he paused "We will do anything to help find

th'lass." he said in a comforting voice.

But Goliath didn't care. All he cared about was finding Elisa. He walked

away from them, uncapped his wings and prepared to fly away from the

others. That's when Angela stepped forward.

"Father, were are you going?" she questioned him with great concern in her

voice to match the concern in her eyes.

"I am going to look for Elisa. And when I find her and the......monsters

who stole her...... I will kill them all." with that he took off into the air

leaving the others behind.

Little did they know that a very happy time was upon them.........

To be


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