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************************************************************************************************************************************************************Ten minutes before sunset on the highest battlement of the Eyrie Building Castle......

Elisa Maza stood and watched the sun's golden rays as they sank below the giant skyscrapers

of the busy city that was Manhattan. But she had no time to notice it at that moment, her mind

was else where. As she awaited for her giant lavender lover to wake she tried to picture in her

mind how exactly she was going to explain to her love what she had seen, so real so vivid, but

what she was seeing and experiencing was impossible.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard Owen clear his throat behind her. Turning just her

head she saw his fine blonde hair and his usual blue-grey dress pants and jacket, white shirt, red

tie and black shoes.

"What?" she said simply with an annoyed tone to her voice.

Face not showing any emotion he casually shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

"You sent for me?" his eyebrow lifting ever so slightly.

"Yes, I did." turning fully to face him. "I am in need of the services of Puck. I have been having

weird visions lately and I would like his....you're advice."

Not looking the least bit interested he again cleared his throat and stared at her.

"Miss. Maza, I know that you are fully aware that I cannot advise, counsel, or even pester you as

Puck unless I am ether protecting or teaching Alexander."

"Yeah, yeah I know! But I also know that you know everything Puck does....." there was an

awkward silence."So will you/can you help me?!" she almost pleaded.

Owen glared at her and finally responded. "Of course Miss. Maza. I shall assist you in any way

possible....as long as it does not involve the help of the Puck."

"Good, please don't tell anyone just yet I don't want to get Goliath all worried and protective until

I know for sure if this is due to lack of sleep, or what." Mentally deciding not to tell Goliath this

night. She glanced back just in time to the sun shining it's last rays down on the city.

"You had better go. Goliath won't be happy to see you first thing in the evening. I will talk to

you later after they all go to sleep this morning. Deal?" holding her hand out to him.

He just stood there for a minute looking at her face then her hand, then back again. Finally after

what seemed like an eternity which in reality was only a few seconds he took her hand reluctantly

and shook it.

"Deal." he stated calmly.

"Good, now go" looking as the sun dipped below the horizon she turned back to see Owen

walking quietly down the stairs away from the breathtaking scene that was about to take place.

But even as Elisa turned her head back to watch the others awaken from there daylight slumber

she didn't see his lips move and form an ever so slight grin. He knew what was going on and this

was going to be big. For everyone.

Elisa never grew tired of this and she probably never would. It was all just so over powering the

beauty of it was ...just.....well it was just indescribable.

Slowly she heard all of the other gargoyles below her roaring and mixed in the sound of Angela

and her jaguar howl that was so like her mothers. Finally the moment she had been waiting,

wanting since she got up that afternoon. Cracks began to form on the 1 ton statue of the creature

that Elisa called her love.' The cracks grew and soon turned into openings that chipped away

reveling lavender skin. Finally as all of the stone broke away the handsome beast let out a mighty

roar as the awakening was completed.

He stood on his parapet a moment, not really noticing Elisa at first. She didn't mind to much, she

enjoyed herself just watching him his elegant lavender form, his serious yet some how carefree

face. A look that would not have been there 3 years ago. Indeed she loved him with all of her

heart, and she was so sure that she always would, and she was very sure that he held that love in


His super hearing heard her tap her foot on the ground as she shifted her weight from one foot to

the other and sigh.

"Elisa!" His voice a whisper filled with love. He stepped up to his beloved in an embrace that

took there breaths away. She looked up at him. He looked at her right back.

What a wonderful present, waking up to such a lovely rose at my side. Waiting for me. ME!'

He thought. Now Elisa is mine. To love.' The thought made him shutter with pure delight.

With that he bent down and kissed her passionately on the lips. Something he had wanted to do

for who knows how long, maybe since he first laid eyes on her. As they separated he again held

her to his chest.

"You and I are one......my Elisa, and remember I will never let you fall."

"I know you wouldn't, and I know that you would never hurt me. I love you Goliath and that is

all that matters." she gently put her hand to his cheek and kept it there. In return he ran his taloned hands through her beautiful raven hair that had been gently blowing in the breeze, now in his light purple hands. He looked at her with so much devotion and love he felt that he would burst with the utter love he felt for her. But then something caught his attention something on her face. A look of slight worry on her features that she was trying to hide away from him. In turn he looked at her with his own concern for her safety and well being. Before he could have said anything Elisa noticed the change on Goliath's face and realized that she was no longer able to hide anything from this beautiful humanoid like creature that she was so deeply in love with.

"Elisa what is the matter?" he asked with a look of concern forming on his face.

"Oh, it's nothing Goliath. I'm just so tired all of the hatred, the disrespect for a race of living

beings!!!!, but mostly all of the riots that have to be kept in control because us 'lazy cops' aren't

doing anything to get rid of the gargoyles. Which by the way is the last thing that I would ever

want to do to any of the gargoyles....to you.......especially now. Goliath I just don't want to lose

you now that we've found each other! I love you!"

"I know Elisa mine. I love you with all of my heart as well.....more that life itself." he tenderly

kissed her right cheek. After holding her for forever he released her.

Elisa looked at her watch with disgust. "Damn! I have to go to work. Serve and protect you

know' I have to go" Goliath looked at her as if he had just woken from a most wonderful dream.

"Yes, but please be careful Elisa, I don't want to lose you ether..... now or ever." they slowly

leaned in for another kiss that left them gasping for air. Goliath and Elisa said there reluctant

good-byes and Elisa walked out of the cool night air away from her love. Goliath watched her

walk away from him. He longed to run to her and kiss her once again passionately on the lips,

hold her and never let her go till the sun came and took him once again from her. It wasn't fair

that the world kept them apart. Because of there differences.' But they both were so unaware of

what or who was about to come that would change the way they felt about each other..... forever.


Manhattan 23rd Precinct

Elisa Maza walked in to the newly constructed police station. This was the first time that she had

been in it since Jason Canmore had blown the clock tower sky high. The station looked shiny and

new. But so crowded! And she new why, all of the protesters leaders were trying to get the police

to go on a killings spree. To no avail, the cops where already very busy with all of the cities usual

perps and law breakers. The place looked as god as new, just as it had always been. But minus

the clock tower that was said to be unfix able. And simply removed.

"Hey partner!" a familiar voice stated as the speaker approached Elisa. That voice belonged to

Elisa's trusted partner Matt Bluestone. Another friend and ally to the gargoyles.

"Hey Matt! Nice to finally see you." Elisa was indeed happy to see Matt. He had left on a sort of

vacation immediately after Hunters Moon to visit his mother who had surgery and needed him

around the house for about a week.

Matt was walking in he saw Elisa looking around the newly designed police station. He had

already known of the relationship between Elisa and Goliath for some time even before they had

there first kiss' on the parapet that couple of weeks ago. He had seen it long before that. He had

noticed it almost right away. Hell, anyone could see how happy Goliath became in her presence.

And how Elisa was in his. The kiss was anything but surprising to him. He knew that even

though it was time for him and his partner to go to work he could have seen from a mile away the

lines that had formed on her perfect face altering it from lack of sleep, and he had a little surprise

for her to make her feel better.

"Go home Elisa, get some sleep, you look like you need it."

"Thanks whole bunch!" she said sarcastically.

"I'm serious. It was Chavaz's orders, she knows how little sleep you've had in the past two

weeks. She said ether get out of the station or at least go home and rest." he looked around to

make sure that nobody could hear him. "But I recommend going to visit a certain purple giant

who happens to love you very much."

Elisa just looked at him for a minute and smiled her famous half grin half smirk.

"But what about work I have to....." her words where cut off by a signal by his hand. She


"I'm serious go to him, I took both our shifts for you. After all I just got back didn't I." She

smiled her thanks and turned toward the door and the Aerie building.... toward Goliath.


Minutes before sunrise......

"I think tomorrow we should go see a new movie?" Brooklyn questioned his rookery brothers

and sister.

"Sure, what ya wanna go see?" Lexington asked.

"How about Tomorrow Never Dies?" Broadway suggested.

"Oh yeah that would be wonderful! I absolutely loooove Pierce Braston!" she exclaimed.

All she got as an answer was silence and the attention of six jealous eyes. She cleared her throat

and looked out at the sky that was now a light shade of pink.

"Well how about Titanic?" she suggested. Her response was groans from Broadway and

Brooklyn. Lexington was silent. He had been almost all night. Then he spoke his thoughts.

"Well I would like to go, I hear that it has good special effects in it." he received a look from

Angela that made the other two's eyes glow ever so slightly and then disappear. Angela was so

mad at the two older gargoyles, then she had an idea. She fanned out her wings, stuck out her

hips, and picked out her best take-me-I'm-yours look with lips pouted.

"I would really love it if you boys would take me to see that movie." and with that she ran her

hands through her long, wild, brown hair. Brooklyn and Broadway looked as if they were about

ready to faint. They just stood there wide eyes, mouths half open. Lexington on the other hand

was about ready to burst out laughing, he knew what she was trying to do but managed to keep it


"Pleeease?" she said in her most sweetest voice. Brooklyn and Broadway just nodded there heads

weakly. With that Angela returned to her normal' personality and got to her perch. The others

followed her example and did the same.

Up on the very top of the castle Goliath stood, the hair blowing in his hair. At this moment he

was as happy as he ever was or could be. Why? Because hi held in his arms the most precious

jewel in the world. His Elisa. She was what completed his life. He would indeed protect her

forever. Love her forever. But would they ever be completely one body, mind, and soul. He

shoved it out of his mind. He didn't want anything to ruin this moment. He looked down at his

love and saw that she was already looking at him. They stayed that way for moments of eternity.

Then finally he stepped away from her reluctantly and got his perch. As he looked over the city he

looked toward the others. He saw Angela seducing he trio and thought she sure can handle

herself.' and as he was turned to stone he realized that his life was now pretty good....all


Elisa watched Goliath turn to stone. She loved him and would never tire of this. With a last

glance his way she turned and walked down the steps to the office of Owen Brunett. She had an

appointment to keep with a child of Oberon.

.........to be continued

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