My Little Adopted Ones

Here is me page for little ones I have adopted.....

Attention: If you are interested in adopting ANY of the bellow, there are links to all there sites in the links room.



Gossamera is from Amanda's Guradian Adoption site. Gossamera is the guardian against bad dreams. Idn't she pretty? :)


Meet Corinaa, she's a guradian from Amanda's Guradian Adoption site. Corinaa is the guradian of abused women and children.


Here's a cute little pink bouncy ball I adopted from a little girls site, itt's just darling! :)

Bwwwweee! It's Parn!...erm.....well not Parn from Lodoss Wars, but that's this adorable dragons name ^_^ I got him from the downloadable dragons site. I really want you to check out the link for this site and adopt! Go for the links page, there's a banner in there.

The page also allows griffins to be adopted. This is Griffy. Not very original I know, but it's cute ;P

This is Kalika. Venakali has a cat IRL that looks basically like this one. Kalika basically means 'She who destroys' and believe me, for a kitten she is named well. This one's name is a tribute to that lil kit-en ^_^

It's Crumbles my pink-turned-green crab ^_^ From Kaite's site.

And this is my own personal angel baby. She watches over my site for me. I eventually named her Jessica. She is from Caitlin's Angel Adoption Site.




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