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NewThis is the result of my boredom on my RE classes. My teacher thought she was a devil ^_^;; I'm not sure what she is exactly, except of the elven race. Some people think she's a princess, I got a few saying she was a priestess, and a fe wmore sayig she was a vampire ^_^ I'll leave it up to you to imagine what she is.

NewThis was sort of requested from Elliot.This happened to be in progress at the time he asked me for a chibi guardian for his page. I basically finished this and gave him a copy.

NewThis is the result of boredom, a Sailor Moon manga and SUGAR! *grinz* Anywho, this was the end result. When it was finished I showed it to my friends, Kath said it looked like her hair was cotten candy.....hence her name. Sailor Cotten Candy ^_^;


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