Requested Pics/Pics of others by me

Requested Pics= **

Pic Trades= *


NewA Chirstmas present for my rookery sis Demmy. It's of her and her mate Syrmel, enjoy you two! ^_^

**NewNother request, this one is The Lady Silver. The water in the backround is not a paint. It was done by hand with a mouse on the computer. Also, I like how all the colors in the pic go with each other

NewThis is another pic of Elliot. The other four pics I made for him were bugging me cause I didn't like em very much. Funny how I got this one from a bubble sketch with wings ont he bottom of my french quiz, enjoy this Els! ^_^

*New This is my half of a pic trade wif Kalika. I did this with some prisma color pencils, and I like the fariy in her hand ^_^



Pics of '99

Corey Erika Heather Dave Ely Sariel Sol VinnyV & Ely James
Demitria** Wilek** Kenza** Dark Eyes** Brem & Clan** Bapgoyle* EXIN**
Jakki Serena** Miku** Night Wing* Niagaragoyle** Djali Jade**
Lori Sabrina** Jakkie Demona T & Caitlingoyle Cathrine* Night Shade's present Xeira*
Silver Falcon Stickman** Siryn Night Shade Elliot** Amy and Arthur Elliot
Kathryn Elliot** Megan Demonalisa SF + Demmy Thundra Alex**
Corey Silver Falcon Blue** Ariana Jerid Night Shade** Natty
Elliot** Ithica** Ariana** Kath-goyle and Seffy-goyle Venakali    


Pics of '98

Demonalisa Ariana** Beauty
Kanthara Demona Taina Zachery Marie**



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