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Here's the spot in my art gallery where I store all the pics of me and or my characters by other people. I LOVE drawing and I LOVE getting pics from other people. It's really thrilling to see how other people envision me. Yeah, these are mostly all pics and trades, but there are a few that were a suprise, and I just adore all of them, so thanks a bunch to everyone who drew me, you guys are awsome!


NewWEEEEE!!! It's a pic of me by Silver. I just found it in my mail with a thank you for doing her pic for me. Thanx Silver, this is real sweet of ya.

NewEEEeeeee! Really early B-Day present from ma rookery sis Demonalisa! Thanx grl! *hugs!*

NewOoooo...Bremmy-chan did this one for me! I wuv it so. Thank you Brem! *huggles*

Eeeee....Ericka colored tha pic of me! Spiiiiiiffey, nay? Tankie thee Ericka! ^_^

This is Kalika's part of a pic trade! I LOOOVE this pic! *slobbers over the dress and huggles Kal to lack of oxygen*

OOOOOOooooooo....I WUV WUV WUV this pic. It's Naight Wing's part of our pic trade. I think it really captures the adittude that Caitlingoyle poses. *huggles Night Wing*


Djali Night Shade Demonalisa Frenzzy Niagragoyle Arianna
Bremusa Bapgoyle Niagragoyle Night Shade EXIN Deacon Blue
Demona Taina EXIN Al Wilgus=) Corey from Demmy Natalie Niagragoyle
Night Shade Niagragoyle Natalie Natalie Thundra Natalie
Demonalisa Ariana Deacon Blue Niagragoyle Titania Night Shade



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