All about Caitlin

So ya clicked on this page. Ya wanna learn more about me?? I'm so flattered ^_^ Welp, read on if you'd like.

Name: Caitlin

Sex: Female

Race: Human(actually it's still being determined) :)

Age: 15

Birthday: February 28, 1984 2:16 pm

Height: 5'4

Weight: Wouldn't you like to know :P





Favorite Singers/Bands:

Favorite songs:

Favortie TV shows:

Favorite Movies:

Favorite Time: Sunset and sunrise, and especially night time.

Favorite Flowers: I especially like roses. I know, not to unusual, but what the hey? I like red and white roses, but my fav is the black rose. Don't ask why, they just appeal to me in some way.

Favorite Food:

Favorite Animal:

Favorite Colors:

Favorite actors/actresses:


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