Pix of Me Drawn by Me


NewThis was a pic I originally did for Elliot's birthday a few months ago, but I didn't like it very much so it never got finished.

NewAnd this was the one I liked better and ended up being his present ^_^;

NewI really like these two, they are a rather tragic pair. In love, but due to problems it is nessessary that they keep there love for one another a secret. They don't have names as of yet, and they aren't mermaids, they are sea elves.

NewI'd like to introduce to you a brand new character of mine. She is of the elven race, her name is Kumori Shinkan. I drew her one day and I really liked her, so now I use her as a RPing character in some chats.

NewYet another pic of Kumori. It's a really cute chibi pic of her and Venakali.

NewNot really new. Just took me a while to post it. it is kinda in memory of my pet rat G.G. she was one of the best pets I ever had. It may sound kinda weird to some, but it's the truth.

NewOne day my best friend got sick on me. She needed some cheering so Caitlingoyle brought her some flowers to make her feel better ^_^


Pics of '99

Megan & Caitlingoyle Caitlingoyle in guardian clothes Sailor Caitlin Caitlingoyle & Elliot
Silver Falcon Me in human for holding a rose Me in mermaid form Pool party
Me as a human on rollar blades Caitlingoyle stage 5 Caitlingoyle stage 4 Me in anime
Demonalisa B-Day Caitlingoyle and Amy Caitlingoyle and Scarlet Natty, Amy and me
Pic Logo A Group Chibi Shot Caitlingoyle Stage 6 NightFire
Title Page Pic Fashion Runway Pic Flying Ely and Cait
Lori's B-Day Present Muffins ^_^ Ely, Caitlingoyle & Venna  


Pics of '98

Caitlingoyle stage 2 Caitlingoyle stage 3 Angry
Cheerleader Me in human form Caitlingoyle stage 1
Demonalisa and Me B&W Sketch Me in human form Moonlight Pose



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