Name: Caitlingoyle

Location: A small cut off town in New York.

Sex: Female

Species: 80% gargoyle, 20% human

Weight: Wouldn't you like to know :P

Height: 5'8

Age: Mentally & Physically about 15 or 16, chronologically -1,245 (yes the minus is supposed to be there)

Coloring: My skin is yellow-green, my inner wings are a light green and my outter wings are a jade green.

Wing span: 19ft from one wing tip to the other.

Description: Has quite muscular legs and arms. Four incurving spikes on her head, the outter most are a bit taller than the inner ones. Purplish-blue eyes and dirty-blonde hair that is a few inches above her waist. Is attractive but more in a teenager way, not exotic.

Clothes: Usually wears a pair of short jean shorts, and a grey tight sleevless turtle neck, has a blue brace on her right hand and a black one on her right knee, also has white bandages wrapped around her shins and down around her toes.

Jewelry: Wears a silver band around her forehead, ankle, and on both of her wrists. Wears a pair of silver hoop earrings, and a silver cuff on the top of her left ear, also is never without a silver locket that is shaped like a heart around her neck.

Personality: She is a trained fighter and magic user, she was brought up to be a warrior, but despite all the hardship she is always exterimely curious with a air of innocence about her, and always wants to make more friends, she has many human friends and trusts them. But if there is a threat, she will become serious and rather fearce, she is always willing to battle to the death for what she believes in if it comes to that.

Family/Friends/Loved ones: In my stories I have a father William, a mother Mary, a little hatchling brother Corey and a hatchling sister Carly, she's just a tad older than Corey. I also had another sister, named Scarlet. But she is dead. It's a long story.

History: Her clan survives to the future. But they are constantly in conflict with an unknown human orgainization. So, to give there clan some ease her father, the clan magic worker, is told to take himself and his family back 1,245 years into the past, to act as guardians to stop this orgainization from even starting. They end up in a small town that already has a clan or gargoyles and they are accepted by the gargoyles and the humans. The whole family lives there to this day watching for the orgainization and protecting there little town.

Magic Ability: Is a very powerful magic user, but she doesn't like to use it unless she absolutly must, and when it is needed to heal or over-ride anothers magic spell.

Weapons: Aside form her magic, she carries a beautiful sword with a golden handle and guard, the blade is silver and the golden part is embeded with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, emeralds, and an amytheist handle point.

Pets< LOTS of pets. She has 2 unipegs. One os all black with gold hooves and horn, named Midnight. The other all white also gold hooves and horn, named Cumulus. She has a pet Chokabow, he is all green with purple eyes, named Kawaii (a good one for all those fluent in Japanese ^_^) As well as a variety of pokemon a few are Rapidash, Onix, Pikachu, Squirtle, Vulpix, Charmander, and couple more. She has a pet Doggoyle, who is scarlet in color and has yellow eyes and white feathery wings, named Copain. And also a pet dragon, who is brown, green and tan.

Also has a net sister named Demonalisa


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