Name: Demonalisa

Location: California

Age: 1,020   Frozen in stone at 19

Birthday: January 28

Sex: Female

Species: A gargoyle shape shifter

Height: 6'2 gargoyle

Weight: 121 lbs.

Description: Demonalisa or Demmy has emerald green skin, a 17 foot wing span with Demon style wings, three taloned 'hands' on top all of which have rings on them. The wings are mauve on the inside and purple on the outside. Demonalisa has an eyebrow ridge with two horns on top like Brooklyn's and four other smaller spikes. She has redish brown hair and brown eyes.

Jewelry: Three earrings on each ear one of them on each ear is a stud while the other four are rings. She sometimes wears a chocker or a necklace. She wears a gold anklet and a swirling arm band.

Clothes: Mostly tunics, but she likes variety.

Personality: Mostly friendly but won't take anyones garbage. She can be serious like Goliath at times but also can be fun too.

Current Life: She is part of Goliath's clan. In the show.

Online Clan: Emanon's clan. She has two sets of twin hatchlings. (very rare)

Likes: Horses, drawing, and writting.

Favorite Colors: Blue, green, black, purple, and red.

Favorite Show: Gargoyles

Favorite Time: Night time

Dislikes: People who are racist, rude newbies or rude anyone's. Rap and country music, she is sorry to all those country and rap fans out there.

Dislikes/colors: Some browns, some yellows, and pinks.


If you wish to see some pics I did of her you can find them at my art gallery, like the one on the left in a bigger format. You can also get a link to her website and see some of her works.



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