Welcome to the Fanfic Archive

Here you will find my writting works, about the Gargoyles. The ones at the bottom are the oldest and the ones at the top are the newer ones, enjoy! :)


Unexpected Secrets

The first in the series, takes place after the Hunters' Moon series, and Elisa is in for a little adventure that will change her life forever........

The Discovery

This the continuation to Unexpected Secrets......


A cute little poem I wrote about a night out in the night of Goliath and Elisa.....


The third part to my little story, continued from The Discovery.

Home Again

And the fourth part........


And the fifth part, you hate me, dontcha? ;) Well, not fear, this is the last one!! YAY!!

Of Secrets and Stones

A little bita clearifycation for some loose ends that weren't tied up at the end of my little saga.

For the Love of Elisa

A cute little ending to this story. It involves Thailog.



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